Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pwning All Day Long...

Today was a nice combat day. It started off with me and Tanya doing our fire giant tasks together!

Ehehehe we pwn!

Also that morning I assisted some effigies and hung out with Kayla for a bit. After my task was over I got my new task. Really Kuradal?? I got LRC again. Another non clue task... D: So, I decided to go Dunjuneering with Peeky instead! We rushed through the frozen floors on complex 1 so that I could reset my prestige and after several miscommunications I spent my time waiting for him to finish his floors bu doing a clue scroll. :P HAM FTW!! It was a really stupid clue and I got a bad reward (another mage comp) but clues are fun and it was cool with me. When I was done I left and got a pizza and some cake and then started in floor 25 with Peeky and we rocked the house!

I ended up getting both 62 and 63 Dunj which was awesome:

Peeky got the WoopWoopWoop title a few times so I took a pic:

I tried to get a pic of us but I ate too much sugar and crashed, feeling VERY drowsy, so you'll have to do with this Peeky-ism:

We got this nub all 4 or 5 floors we did except the very first run, where we had Sagittaire. He dropped some Sagittarian arrows which Peeky convinced me to bind because they don't count as an item, just ammo. They alch for 3k each so it's like having instant cash! Woot! At least I didn't die the last two times on nightgazer! :D Monster version of potato-head ROFL!

After I got 63 I decided to play a bit on Faerie Tana and do some more dunjuns. With the release of hidden resources I was determined for 30 for maples (which I need like 37 wc lvls for lol). I dunj'd and dunj'd and leveled many things in the process but in the end I prevailed and went from 21-30 in just a few hours and runs. Next step... train up that chop-chop in Draynor! I can't believe I rank in another account! That's so awesome! :D

Well I really should stop going to bed at 4am... School in a week... :P Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. Just to warn you, maples are actually a terrible way to train woodcutting. Very slow xp, no money. You're better off at oaks. ;)