Monday, August 23, 2010

School Returns!

Well today was the first day of school! I am happy to report it went well! I was able to log in a few times and go smiffin and should have 84 smiffin very soon which I am excited about! When I returned home I got on to start my dustie task before logging out early to get ready for tomorrow. Ah, the joys of an early schedule!

Here are some highlights from my day:

  • My entire Chinese class was standing silently and completely still in the hall outside the door, a couple minutes before class. Finally someone walked over, opened the door, and went into the classroom. The entire class silently followed. LOL
  • My dad and sister are in the same class with me so of course our teacher asked us if we were all related, which caused the whole class to whip their heads back and stare at us. *embarrassed*
  • My good friend L is in my Music History class. Yay!
  • Said Music History class has a supposed cap of 25 students. There were at least 40 people crammed into the classroom sitting on the floor and random benches. I hope some drop it to take next year cuz... Arrrgh!
  • I like to pretend that my Music History Teacher is Dr. Sorela instead of Dr. [prof's name]. :)
  • We got out of Music History like... after just 20 minutes of class. I hate having loads of extra time cuz then I have to wait around and I was nervous.
  • BTW it was really cold outside and when I am nervous/excited I get even colder so yeah...
  • I was able to track down the person issuing lockers and secure a locker already. Woohoo! I was able to get the same one I've had the past 2 years and now I won't have to carry mountains of books or my instrument around waiting to get one!
  • I discovered that my good friend A is in my psychology class with me! The class has suddenly gotten a ton more bearable.
  • I killed time playing Runescape. For the win! Smiffin up that gold like a pro!
  • Orchestra was pretty fun except we totally sucked at playing. :P Summer holiday does that to an ensemble... I'm betting it will take this week to get everything in good operating order and then we will be stellar! :D
  • We were planning to go to the fair after school because it's alcohol and smoke free day and decided to get our tickets at the door and not pre-pay and get our tickets online. Big mistake. After waiting like 20 minutes in line we get riiight up there to notice that they don't take credit cards. Omg. So then we leave and get in another long line for the ONE ATM that they had outside the fair. >.> After about 10 minutes we bagged our plans and went to Baja Fresh instead. We'll go again tomorrow, with cash in hand. :P
  • Tomorrow I have a total of 3 classes over a 7 hour period. I'll be doing a lot of scaping I'm sure! :P
So that pretty much covers it! I won't be playing a whole lot until I get used to this routine. I'll try to take pics tomorrow! :P

Until next time...

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