Friday, August 13, 2010

Clue Addict :P

Today I logged on and of course my mask hadn't sold so I finally went to W2 and just parked there, hoping to sell it for 10m. Not long after, a guy traded me and started putting up junk:

I ended up selling it for about 10m. Yay! All of this junk is crashing and it's hard to believe but there is 2m in chaos tallies and 6m in black hatchets there! The black mask is crashing down from 1.5m but should sell when it hits 1m or when I find a buyer so I'm counting that as cash. I now have 21m cash and have no idea what to do with it so I'm going to water it every day and let it grow. :P Since I have no intent to use this junk to sell anything I alched all the black hatchets and sold the tallies to a general store. What was 6m in hatchets became 80k after alchs. Talk about inflation! XD

After that I tried my hand at getting level 2 clues by killing Dagrith Nurn. Turned out to be a bad idea but the outfit I had on was pretty cute:

I really like my heraldic skirt now! It looks good with a blue pirate top so I'm content to keep it around and try to sell it again later once prices are stable.

I then hit the wilderness volcano and killed some hellhounds and wouldn't ya know I got a clue scroll! :P Nothing too exciting or I would have taken a pic. After 1 or 2 lvl 3 clues I went to harpie bugs and got 2 lvl 2's.

This is what I love to see!

I got heraldic addy legs and a Guthix page 1 among other things. :D I ended the night with a lvl 1 clue I got off a ham member. I just can't get enough of clues now! Ehehe!!

I leave you with a funny and a pic:

Tanya accidentally fed a dust devil, which he liked more than a whip in the face. XD Plus, the guy in a green d mask I was talking about in the 2nd line made it into the pic so I added an arrow to him. :P

I took the time to hang out with an Agile Brother named poIe dancer. :D

I also met a gal today in flippers and she recognized my name because one of her friends told her "that she looked like someone named Full Of Pie." She was wearing flippers and had the same hairstyle as me. Win!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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