Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Randomness this End of May Day

Tonight my daddy is the star because...

He got 99 Herblore!!!

Holy crap his first skiller skillcape! I am so proud. :3
He now owns the Mera Visi Cape, and the cape that the real Isli Loch would readily wear loud and proud. Woot!

Afterwards we went to the bank where he gave me all of his herb stash for me to use and I saw the amusing name I p0p CORN. XD

Earlier today I decided to go to Tears of Guthix because I was 8k or so away from 71 Dunj and didn't want to do more than just a floor.

I took this picture because the tears running down look like the Forever Alone guy. Hahaha!

It was a very successful run, despite the fact that I could have done much better but the tears change super fast now. I got 181 tears which totally blew my dunj out of the water and got me over 10k xp, which was easily enough to level me up.

Yay! 71 Dungeoneering opens up not only a bunch of bosses but the first floor of a whole new design. Woop woop! 9 levels to go until 80+ all!

I spent today doing stars and trees and also taking some "formal" pictures that I may use around my newly designed blog.

Ravenclaw nerd homage picture :P

Just a pic of me using magic... casting fertile soil... so interesting!

I was in the GE earlier and a guy named K0ed by taco was there randomly shouting things at other people there (stuff like "noob!" and "dance for me!"). He was entertaining and was admiring another high level's rat pole, so I got mine out. He then told me to poledance so I grabbed my agility cape and did the emote. He was impressed and we had a nice little chat of nothing but small talk. Before I left I got a quick pic of him.

Before that happened I took my friend, Daantje, to trawler for the first time because he needed to check it off for the ardy elite. I had nothing going on so I happily went with him. He picked up on it quickly and soon he was a pro. There weren't many of us there when we went but the people that were there were really funny and we had a great time. I even got a broken staff which I actually took the time to repair at my house. It was a Magic Staff. Jealous? Hehe. :P

I'm counting down the days until I can change my name! I have my banner all ready to go. Man, it hasn't been updated in years! I never did get around to making a more current one as my blog took off and I grew as a player. I suppose I leave you with the old one because in a short time it will be a thing of the past.

It's so pretty! ...and so old and outdated before I even started my blog... haha :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Epic Story

So right after I posted something amazing happened. Earlier, when I was mining that first star with Wrangler X, I came across a cool little star video with audio, which brings me back to the days when I didn't solo stars and actually sat at a spot in hopes that it would fall.

Anyway, I took a break after the first star and upon coming back I decided to play the video again as I logged in. I appeared in Yanille bank and there, in the corner of the screen, was a crashed star just sitting there wide open with RC bots running right past it. I had to do a triple take to make sure I wasn't dreaming and ran over to it, where I got finders. Huh?????

It was the best timing of two separate events ever! It was a size 4 just like the last one and as nobody was coming anytime soon I invited Wrangler X and Bridled Ruin to come join me. Eventually some more people showed up and we had a nice little star.

While there I caught a couple funnies:

Not too off the wall funny but I was a fan of Pollygobbles. :P

Wrangler X is just full of really funny quotes, like the one on the bottom. XD

After that ironic and epic star I decided to pick some HAM members for clues. I picked a full outfit and got 2 clues before I got fed up with making crap like steel plateskirts and sapphire necklaces. The first clue was ok but the 2nd clue was really good!

Wowie! Stuff I can use! I got tons of oak planks, some phoenix teles, pess, and trout. Woot!

And of course the cute name of the day award goes to...

Sir ScapeoLot!

OK good night for reals everyone!

Until next time...

Makeover Time!

As my gameplay of Runescape has changed drastically I am starting all over. In a few days I'll be able to reveal my new awesome name along with an updated blog title, since I am no longer Full Of Pie. I'm keeping this blog and therefore the URL because I don't feel like starting a new one so don't anybody panic! I am very excited about this new start and giddy about it all. :P

In the past few days I've been busy! First, I got myself a Duellist's Cap and went to the duel arena with my dad where we killed each other 10 times. Turns out the hat then trims pink and it matches my new pink outfit. With this awesome discovery, I HAVE A FORMAL WITCH OUTFIT!!!!!! :D

Formal pic :D

This witch is agile!

The other night I was able to buy all the Armadyl pages and get myself a very pretty Book of Law. I love it tons and it says much nicer things than the Book of War. It also matches my new pink outfit a little better. With that goal quickly out of the way it's time to farm to my heart's content. I may end up going for 99 farming since I realized I can assist up to 95 and it's a hot effigy item. Plus, my kingdom gives me lots of seeds that I have been using. I'll get Con in time but I may save the serious training for another bonus xp weekend since I have no desire to play SC.

This afternoon I got on to give my dad some herbs but he lagged out bigtime so I left and chased a star instead. When I looked it was Misthalin 2-4 so I cheered and grabbed a Lum tele. Luckily it fell there and for the first time in who knows how long there was another fellow miner! He ended up being a really nice guy and we were chatting away the whole time. It was just the 2 of us and it wasa size 4 so we got some good xp and he leveled his mining to 82 while we were there. :D

His name was Wrangler X and he loves watching people run in flippers as much as me. XD

I leave you with this genius name I saw in the GE:

Follow a dog. Trade with a dog. Req Assist a dog. Awesome!

Until next time...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Of High Fashion, Books, and Coming of Age

I finally finished all the floors on my current prestige and reset!! I'm wide open and in desire of 80 Dunj so hit me up!

I got my favorite boss, Sagittaire. I'm not sure why he's my favorite other than the fact that I love shouting "SAGITTARIUS!!!"

Many exciting things happened today, but probably the most exciting is that Neil came of age and is a full grown Saradomin OWL!!!! :D

He's so cute! He'll be sending me letters in no time!

All of these pics were taken as I was chasing a desert star very late (early in the morning) tonight. Neil grew up when I was scoping it and after a long time of running around I found it in the mine by the summoning altar. I decided to take this time to model some new high fashion.

It's 2am and I have a size 4 to myself again... Just me and Neil here...

The other exciting thing of the day is I bought a Bandos Book!!! It was easily the cheapest to get pages for and even though the preachy stuff is weird it's a brown book, perfect for not only a beautiful witch like myself but, as I noticed, it matches my crafting cape!!!

I felt like bombing the GE with shorty shorts so I went to buy out the stock. Nothing is funnier to me than dropping any article of clothing (preferably HAM robes and dwarf clothes) and watching people run, the item disappear off the floor, and then a second later appearing on whoever picked it up. It's even better when accompanied by "Yay! Shorts!" I had some room left so I bought a pink blouse for fun and really liked it so I spent some time gathering up pink clothing to make me a fantabulous pink outfit. Plus that bat staff that Kitty gave me so long ago has finally had a chance to make an appearance! I rearranged my bank and now have a high fashion tab full of outfits and my skillcapes that I can mix and match for later, since I will be a morphomagus.

Hehe I spent some of today slaying mogres to get a flipper stacker. It took forever but I finally got another pair so flippers now grace the tab known as high fashion. :D:D

Last but not least, here are my new default clothes that I got yesterday. I'm a total Ravenclaw and have some blue and gold (bronze) going on.

My goal now is to buy the Armadyl book to complete my collection. I don't want the others, they're too expensive and I'm totally a follower of Guthix anyway. I just want the colors to go with outfits. I'm a big fan of the cool shield slot stuff like satchels and books. I'm the best dressed witch in town!

I leave you with a funny glitch I saw today of someone I guess stuck in mid-loading of the new kills statues:

He's the ice king!

That's another thing- got my wilderness hood thing and sometime I think I'll go with my dad or a friend to the duel arena to get some cool statue gear and a cute hat while I'm at it. It'll be like my "I Killed Peeky" cape!

Hehe I'm excited now! Look out wizarding world because here I come!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being a Witch

Along with my new name, I have adopted a story for my avatar. Because I am so totally obsessed with Harry Potter right now I am a witch, and have been spending the last few days doing witchin' stuff. In this case, it means getting on ancients, buying 1k casts of Ice Burst (I'm 1 lvl off from potting barrage... ugh), and taking my magic wand to Pest Control where I "duel" with various chaos there. I got some great pics!

I look so cool! I love this! It's totally witchin'!

Once I ran out of casts I took my AGS there to get an even 10 points which I spent on magic. I got a fair amount of xp although if I ever want to get 91 mage I think I'll have to camp at irons or steels. That's my favorite way of training. Much more so than the stringing I am doing right now like a noob. :D


After that I decided to do some slayer with my new AGS. I pwned my warped torts and then headed for hellhounds. I pulled off some pretty sick numbers with just my fero!

My next task was abby demons. Woot!! I love killing them and it's my monster of choice to train on. I don't care if I get a whip or not they're just fun. While I was there I finally got my 13th skill to 90! Yes, finally, 90 Strength joined the elite 90 Club. Along with that, I got 131 combat! I alternate between feeling ruffntuff and a total noob. Haha.



Now I have blue dragons and my desire to slay has greatly diminished, although I think I'll actually do this one, especially since I have super antifires now. I left RS for a few days and when I came back yesterday and today I got that last 100k xp at Pyramid Plunder and got 80 Thieving! Woohoo! Only one more skill to go until 80 all! I need dunj teams... I'm 70. =/

Hehe I remember Kitty when she got 80 thieving and picked a Hero. XD

Here it is! Kitty picking heroes from years and years ago :D


Here's some randomness pics from the past few days:

I bought my AGS for less than 50m. Holyyyyyyyy. They used to be like 110m!

Me and Nez talking about the Sara God Book... :P

My dad is obtaining mastery in Herbderbderp. XD

More Harry Potter nerd references... Oh, and spoiler if you still haven't read it...

Well I just heard thunder outside so I'm gonna go in a sec...


Before I go, I am going to change my name as soon as I can. Isli Loch is not a witch, she is a master of Herblore from Jadali. Because of this, I'm changing my name to a more witchy one, as Isli Loch already has a very defined personality and it's pretty different from where I'm going in RS.

Yes, it will be Harry Potter themed.
Yes, it will be a girl name!
Yes, big HP geeks will get it.
Yes, I'm keeping the beginner wand!
Yes, I may bring back the flippers.

Until next time...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Little Present

A bunch of random things...

Two days ago I got 86 Fishing! I forgot to save the levelup picture though. Fishing is the one near foolproof way to grow any baby pet you have without much work. :P Neil is a Saradomin Bird already! :D

Also two days ago I got my first ever dragonstone drop from a....... warped tort??? :o

Confused much? I didn't know they dropped those... And yes, the flippers go back on in combat. :D:D:D

I saw some awesome fashion late one night when I was fishing. Catherby is no longer the intelligence black hole it used to be, in fact, it's pretty empty. Are people just more mature or is botting more commonplace?

strongerskil models a sexy bronze helm and body, accented with a gnome scarf. XD

I decided yesterday to get on ancients and buy some runes to go ice blitzing at pest control because it's something fun and witchlike I can do with my magic wand. I then got curious and then got tempted and bought myself a little present.

What a deal! It was 50m at the most. My cash pile is a lot less now but what do I care? I hardly play anymore! XD I'm just going to say it's Mera's Sword. Suddenly it got sentimental and I don't know if I'll be selling it anytime soon. :D It's been a dream of mine for a while to own one of these and finally I have my gloved hands on one of them!!

Well, that's about everything interesting that's happened in the past few days... Check out my latest rewritten story for fun!

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holy Crap!

Sorry, no pics, but I have this amazing story to tell you all!

Yesterday I played RS for much longer than I have in months and among other things such as running agility, fishing, and in other words doing things that I could safely raise Neil, I decided to go do some combat. I have warp torts now after cancelling yet another boring task of spirimages and since I've spent some time at the sawmill I don't have chimes at the moment so I decided to go and kill some more Vyrewatch. It's been so long since I've been down in Rott and it's like an old home. Plus, it's a nice, remote, and wonderful place to pretend I am a witch!

So I spent a bunyip of time killing Vyrewatch with my lovely mastered flail on the Str setting and for the first time ever I was regularly hitting up to 260's on em! 41 wooden bodies later me and my dad hung out on the Mortton temple world just repairing the temple and making sacred oil for fun. When that got boring I got some maple logs oiled up and went down to the Vyrewatch pyres which, unfortunately, are very far away from the shade pyres. I totally forgot about the swamp boaty I had just used a few hours earlier and ran to the salve the long way through the twisting path and the bog. Oops. :P

I started burning away and was soon unlocking the walls getting my goodies that the vyres had left me. Within a few clicks I had some snapdragon seeds and then I got a Rune Full Helm (g). Yay! Another clue scroll item! I've only gotten one or two before and it's the only other place to get trimmed armour. It's always been a helm but I was excited to be 500k richer. Another highlight was getting a toof and then a loop half within a few openings but the best part of all, and the part that had me screaming "holy crap!" was when I opened the wall and a Zamorak pg 4 came out.

I didn't know you could get god pages here! Well, maybe I did, but I forgot. I was pleasantly surprised to get it and was pretty happy about it until I price checked it along with that gold-trimmed helm. Then I went from happy to in total shock. That page is worth 4.8m. MILLION!! Almost FIVE MILLION!!! Whoaaaaaaaaa!!!

So of course I sold it as soon as I was in the GE and that combined with the rest of the good things I got (like that helm and a blood talisman) made me a pretty 5.5m in about a minute. Not bad for about 2 hours of work! It pushed my cash pile to higher than ever and I'm really excited to possibly get crackin at 99 Con again!

That's all, just a nice little awesome story of money win!

Until next time...

Monday, May 16, 2011


I got a Saradomin egg the other day and since most witches have an owl, I decided to hatch this one. I spent most of my RS day fishing and nurturing my adorable tiny chick. I really love this conversation:

It's funnier when it's my dad the chick is talking to, but it's funny regardless if it's mummy or daddy. XD

I was thinking of a good name and knew that the right name would come floating out of thin air, just like it did with Mackenzie, Robin, Walen, and all of my other pets and guardians of my house. My owly-wowly was no exception.

His name is Neil. :3

I'm very excited about this little chick! Soon he will grow into one hot blue owl!

In other news, I ran into Plur and Steve today and had fun hanging out with them. They didn't recognize me. Told you I look different! :P

Until next time...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Transformation

Well it's settled. Someone took my name, so now I can't change it back. I guess it really is time to start fresh. So, I counted down the days and then changed my name to a name I really like and one that I think fits me well. I then took a deep breath and...

Needless to say, there is no more Pie anywhere in my name, I no longer have green hair, and I no longer *sniff* have flippers.

I'm Isli Loch. I am a master Herbalist and I have flowing blonde hair. I teach Herblore at Leena University and I am around 75 years old.

I am liking this change! :D

Fear not, flipper lovers! They will remain rightfully on my feet when I go into combat!

For now, since I am once again way into Harry Potter, I have dressed myself like the best witch anyone has ever seen! With the new level capes came a perfect green cape and after looking at wands I realized I had enough points from an escapade over 3 years ago to the Mage Training Arena to get myself a totally adorable beginner wand. My Guth Book has returned to my arm, as well as most of the lunar outfit with a new sun crown framing my golden locks. Teehehehe I am really loving this! I feel like a whole new person!

In other news I'm done with another year of school and have some time off until summer classes so I'll be playing a tiny bit more in between boyfriend and writing. I was going to post this all a few days ago but Blogger decided to take a hike and apparently lose a bunch of stuff in the attempt. Then real life happened and I had a wedding to go to so I didn't play at all. Today I got back and have had some time to play so I've been enjoying... sitting around... finding something to do that won't alter my outfit so I can admire it... lol :P Did some sawmill and some rcing and of course some potion making. I am 85 herby after all now and can make my own super-antifires!

Oh and I ended the night off with 87 summoning!! One level until my own pretty pony!

I'm excited for this worldbearer! I've had it under my nose for so long! Oh cruel temptation!

I leave with you some funnies from the last time I played and tried to post but couldn't:

Another long name of mine :P

The amount of spirit seeds Golrana is holding for me... I'll never drop them or dig up my little guys! I feel like a real Herblore teacher with these in my cupboard though... :P

Someone at an evil tree got my hipster joke and made me laugh in real life with his reply!

In other news Peekyface has once again quit Runescape and I miss him already. One day I'll do a full tribute in his honor. I hope I run into him again... <3

In more other news, today a low level (like 30-50 cb) came up to me and told me he was a new member and asked me if I had anything for him. I was in a good mood so he got all the tarromin I just cleaned (he's brand new mems so he could use them for pots), a rune body and legs, and some rubies and diamonds. Needless to say, he was stunned and wandered away in shock and full of happiness. It made my day.

And for those who sent me warm fuzzies, they also made my day and I am saving them forever and ever. Lots of wubwubwub!!

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Potions Test Passed

Hooray! I leveled up! 85 Herblore, now I can make super antifires for reals!!!

I haven't played in weeks save the Easter event. It's so liberating! Classes end next week, and my boyfriend is home!!!!!!!!!! It's been a great week indeed. :D

Well, good night all... No real need for a hiscores because I've barely touched RS, just wanted to say I got an herblore level from my kingdom with its many nests containing 3 mage seeds and stuff. Happy happy day!

Until next time...