Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Transformation

Well it's settled. Someone took my name, so now I can't change it back. I guess it really is time to start fresh. So, I counted down the days and then changed my name to a name I really like and one that I think fits me well. I then took a deep breath and...

Needless to say, there is no more Pie anywhere in my name, I no longer have green hair, and I no longer *sniff* have flippers.

I'm Isli Loch. I am a master Herbalist and I have flowing blonde hair. I teach Herblore at Leena University and I am around 75 years old.

I am liking this change! :D

Fear not, flipper lovers! They will remain rightfully on my feet when I go into combat!

For now, since I am once again way into Harry Potter, I have dressed myself like the best witch anyone has ever seen! With the new level capes came a perfect green cape and after looking at wands I realized I had enough points from an escapade over 3 years ago to the Mage Training Arena to get myself a totally adorable beginner wand. My Guth Book has returned to my arm, as well as most of the lunar outfit with a new sun crown framing my golden locks. Teehehehe I am really loving this! I feel like a whole new person!

In other news I'm done with another year of school and have some time off until summer classes so I'll be playing a tiny bit more in between boyfriend and writing. I was going to post this all a few days ago but Blogger decided to take a hike and apparently lose a bunch of stuff in the attempt. Then real life happened and I had a wedding to go to so I didn't play at all. Today I got back and have had some time to play so I've been enjoying... sitting around... finding something to do that won't alter my outfit so I can admire it... lol :P Did some sawmill and some rcing and of course some potion making. I am 85 herby after all now and can make my own super-antifires!

Oh and I ended the night off with 87 summoning!! One level until my own pretty pony!

I'm excited for this worldbearer! I've had it under my nose for so long! Oh cruel temptation!

I leave with you some funnies from the last time I played and tried to post but couldn't:

Another long name of mine :P

The amount of spirit seeds Golrana is holding for me... I'll never drop them or dig up my little guys! I feel like a real Herblore teacher with these in my cupboard though... :P

Someone at an evil tree got my hipster joke and made me laugh in real life with his reply!

In other news Peekyface has once again quit Runescape and I miss him already. One day I'll do a full tribute in his honor. I hope I run into him again... <3

In more other news, today a low level (like 30-50 cb) came up to me and told me he was a new member and asked me if I had anything for him. I was in a good mood so he got all the tarromin I just cleaned (he's brand new mems so he could use them for pots), a rune body and legs, and some rubies and diamonds. Needless to say, he was stunned and wandered away in shock and full of happiness. It made my day.

And for those who sent me warm fuzzies, they also made my day and I am saving them forever and ever. Lots of wubwubwub!!

Until next time...

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