Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being a Witch

Along with my new name, I have adopted a story for my avatar. Because I am so totally obsessed with Harry Potter right now I am a witch, and have been spending the last few days doing witchin' stuff. In this case, it means getting on ancients, buying 1k casts of Ice Burst (I'm 1 lvl off from potting barrage... ugh), and taking my magic wand to Pest Control where I "duel" with various chaos there. I got some great pics!

I look so cool! I love this! It's totally witchin'!

Once I ran out of casts I took my AGS there to get an even 10 points which I spent on magic. I got a fair amount of xp although if I ever want to get 91 mage I think I'll have to camp at irons or steels. That's my favorite way of training. Much more so than the stringing I am doing right now like a noob. :D


After that I decided to do some slayer with my new AGS. I pwned my warped torts and then headed for hellhounds. I pulled off some pretty sick numbers with just my fero!

My next task was abby demons. Woot!! I love killing them and it's my monster of choice to train on. I don't care if I get a whip or not they're just fun. While I was there I finally got my 13th skill to 90! Yes, finally, 90 Strength joined the elite 90 Club. Along with that, I got 131 combat! I alternate between feeling ruffntuff and a total noob. Haha.



Now I have blue dragons and my desire to slay has greatly diminished, although I think I'll actually do this one, especially since I have super antifires now. I left RS for a few days and when I came back yesterday and today I got that last 100k xp at Pyramid Plunder and got 80 Thieving! Woohoo! Only one more skill to go until 80 all! I need dunj teams... I'm 70. =/

Hehe I remember Kitty when she got 80 thieving and picked a Hero. XD

Here it is! Kitty picking heroes from years and years ago :D


Here's some randomness pics from the past few days:

I bought my AGS for less than 50m. Holyyyyyyyy. They used to be like 110m!

Me and Nez talking about the Sara God Book... :P

My dad is obtaining mastery in Herbderbderp. XD

More Harry Potter nerd references... Oh, and spoiler if you still haven't read it...

Well I just heard thunder outside so I'm gonna go in a sec...


Before I go, I am going to change my name as soon as I can. Isli Loch is not a witch, she is a master of Herblore from Jadali. Because of this, I'm changing my name to a more witchy one, as Isli Loch already has a very defined personality and it's pretty different from where I'm going in RS.

Yes, it will be Harry Potter themed.
Yes, it will be a girl name!
Yes, big HP geeks will get it.
Yes, I'm keeping the beginner wand!
Yes, I may bring back the flippers.

Until next time...

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