Sunday, May 29, 2011

Epic Story

So right after I posted something amazing happened. Earlier, when I was mining that first star with Wrangler X, I came across a cool little star video with audio, which brings me back to the days when I didn't solo stars and actually sat at a spot in hopes that it would fall.

Anyway, I took a break after the first star and upon coming back I decided to play the video again as I logged in. I appeared in Yanille bank and there, in the corner of the screen, was a crashed star just sitting there wide open with RC bots running right past it. I had to do a triple take to make sure I wasn't dreaming and ran over to it, where I got finders. Huh?????

It was the best timing of two separate events ever! It was a size 4 just like the last one and as nobody was coming anytime soon I invited Wrangler X and Bridled Ruin to come join me. Eventually some more people showed up and we had a nice little star.

While there I caught a couple funnies:

Not too off the wall funny but I was a fan of Pollygobbles. :P

Wrangler X is just full of really funny quotes, like the one on the bottom. XD

After that ironic and epic star I decided to pick some HAM members for clues. I picked a full outfit and got 2 clues before I got fed up with making crap like steel plateskirts and sapphire necklaces. The first clue was ok but the 2nd clue was really good!

Wowie! Stuff I can use! I got tons of oak planks, some phoenix teles, pess, and trout. Woot!

And of course the cute name of the day award goes to...

Sir ScapeoLot!

OK good night for reals everyone!

Until next time...

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