Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Little Present

A bunch of random things...

Two days ago I got 86 Fishing! I forgot to save the levelup picture though. Fishing is the one near foolproof way to grow any baby pet you have without much work. :P Neil is a Saradomin Bird already! :D

Also two days ago I got my first ever dragonstone drop from a....... warped tort??? :o

Confused much? I didn't know they dropped those... And yes, the flippers go back on in combat. :D:D:D

I saw some awesome fashion late one night when I was fishing. Catherby is no longer the intelligence black hole it used to be, in fact, it's pretty empty. Are people just more mature or is botting more commonplace?

strongerskil models a sexy bronze helm and body, accented with a gnome scarf. XD

I decided yesterday to get on ancients and buy some runes to go ice blitzing at pest control because it's something fun and witchlike I can do with my magic wand. I then got curious and then got tempted and bought myself a little present.

What a deal! It was 50m at the most. My cash pile is a lot less now but what do I care? I hardly play anymore! XD I'm just going to say it's Mera's Sword. Suddenly it got sentimental and I don't know if I'll be selling it anytime soon. :D It's been a dream of mine for a while to own one of these and finally I have my gloved hands on one of them!!

Well, that's about everything interesting that's happened in the past few days... Check out my latest rewritten story for fun!

Until next time...

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