Friday, December 31, 2010

Through Pie's Eyes: 2010 in Review

What a huge year, and how awesome for it to be completely locked forever inside the words of this blog. :D Lots of things happened, many of which I didn't expect. Enjoy a look back on 2010 as well as some other things...

First, here's a quick recap of my goals and wishes for 2010:

Armour Goals:
Full bandos- Check! I got my tassets in April and my chestplate in May, completing my newest look!
Full Arma- Decided I didn't range enough to warrant buying it, so that one's still on the rocks. :P
DFS- Check!! My first big purchase ever, I finally broke through the layer into cash by the mills and bought it for cheap during the armour crash for the first DXPW.

Skill Goals:
99 Agility- Check!!! Definitely the highlight of my RS life, I achieved this milestone exactly 3 weeks before my birthday, and what an amazing day it was!
99 Construction- Put off for Crafting, but I've got loads of planks in my bank and foresee much SC and of course effigy unwrapping in the not-too-distant future! :D I end 2010 at level 88.
99 Mining- No longer an immediate goal, but I go chip away at it every so often. I did get 92 so I'm halfway there at least! :D
99 Cooking- Check! I got this on my birthday, completed in like a week form 90. I've worn the cape maybe like 3 times... XD
99 Crafting- Check!! The one I was unsure about, as it competed with con, eventually won out due to being able to sell back what I made and get enough back to reuse that money until dry. I got it making a pipe in Trouble Brewing! I leveled earlier than I planned... Oops... :P
99 Farming- I never really actively went for this, just doing herb runs and the good trees from kingdom mostly, but I do have 91 so I can do the lower level effigies!
91 Rhoonkreftin- Not close, but thankfully I end the year at 79. Only about 100k to 80!! The new open bank thing will make it easier and I would bet I'll have that next year. I've been using all my dragonkin lamps on it since I got 99 crafting which is helping immensely as well. :D
90-99 Attack- Yessss!! I got 99, for my 5th Skillcape! It ended up being an awesome cape and I love the emote! Because I attempted 99 so passively it actually took longer than 99 Defence did! XD
90-99 Strength- Not quite, but I now have a Sara Sword and have finally gotten the levels I want to begin training it. I would bet this will show up in 2011! I barely turned over 86 so I have a long ways to go but it will go fast I'm quite sure. :P
89 Prayer- I didn't ever train it so it didn't go that high, but I did slip in a level before the new year to break 80!
85-90 Slayer- Wewt! I am 117k shy of 90 at this time so in a few tasks this will be golden!
80 Fletching- Done! I don't even remember when... XD Oh here it is! I actually end off with 83.
All skills 80+ - Sooo close! I just have 3 more to go! Dunj came out in the middle of the year and I have 67 but as I solo I don't level very fast. A few days of 5:5 large oughtta help get that up to 80. Other than that, 78 Thief and 79 RC won't be hard at all!
129 Combat- Achieved just 2 days ago with my 86 Str. :D
92 Summoning- I didn't go that high, but I did get 85 and have enough charms to push at least 2 levels most likely... :D
92 Smiffin- I never really trained this besides the gold ore I did to make amulets with but I managed to forge out 85 recently. :D
85 Woodcutting- Done, and blown out of the water! I have 90!
92 Firemaking- Screw that... I'm lucky to have 87. XD
80-99 Ranged- Well, I ended up with 82 somewhere, but can't find the post. XD
94 Magic- Pretty close! Thanks to nothing but teleporting and fire waving metals, I got 89.
2100+ Total Level- Easily beat! I'm almost 2200!
83 Hunter- I got exactly this!! :D

Other Goals:
Ardy Elite done-Nah, but close...
Mackenzie (my steel dragon)- Not quite, because I quit con for craft, but I'm back and ready!
Further establish myself in the RS world- How do you really define this? I suppose I did but I still have a long ways to go...
Further my blog and make more friends- I certainly did that! :D Thanks fellow readers!
Make some RS videos that are good- I think I did that... Go to my YT channel and see for yourself what you think...
Unlock all the musics- I keep getting so lose and then they add more st00f that takes me forever to get... like those high lvl dunj floors... XD
Out of the 4 people I really wanted to meet, I got in touch with 3 of them! One of which is now added and although she doesn't play much anymore we do talk when we're both on. :D

My Top 10 Events of 2010:
10. Green whip!! Green Pie's green whip is green. :D
9. The Unicorn Mask. Even though I sold it at about half of its GE price, this thrust me into the realm of green money for good!
8. The Halloween and Christmas events. Both were sooo awesome!
7. Champion Scroll!!! Woot! After soo many years I finally got one, and could go unlock music. :P
6. The Green Dragon Mask. Woot, something I actually wanted, and gotten for free!! Thank you kind iron dragon!!!
5. The day I got the drive back to finish off 99 Agility. Vancouver Olympics FTW!!
4. Finally getting dragon items as drops!!! Oh, and the hex and focus sight too!
3. The day my dad got 4 skillcapes in about 5 minutes. How's that for OCD even training!!
2. Meeting Tanyakins. Really, it was like finding a sister. We've had so many adventures and I hope they keep coming in 2011! Here is the first post where her name turns up in my blog. :D
1. Getting 99 Agility. Like I said before, this was pretty much the highlight of my RS life. I will never forget the day I walked the plank and trimmed my Defence cape. :D

There's plenty more... It was hard to find 10!

My Hiscores as they will appear on the big 2011:

Some Goals for 2011:
99 Construction
99 Strength
99 Hitpoints
99 Farming
91 Rhoonkreftin
80-90 Dunj
90 Summoning
20m Agility xp
96 Magic
95 Slayer
Get Quest Cape back...

Those are the biggies I have... We'll see how things go down! :D

One of my goals also is to play a bit less... I'm finally on a level where I don't feel like I have to drown myself with RS to pass the time. I'll still post often but not once a day because I might not play much on a given day. I'm not quitting either so don't flood my inbox with "D:" faces. I'm off to go celebrate... by lighting off some highly colorful and explosive devices. See y'all in 2011!

Until next time...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bone Burn Levelup

Today I didn't play much because I went and participated in some real life, but I did my hellhound task, did my clue, and got a court summons. :P In 2 days I can go help out frog prince vs the ppl..

Later, after discovering I had a ton of peng points I cashed them on prayer and then did this week's for the first time in like 4 months and cashed those in. With all that done I was 15k till a sparkling 80 prayer so I bought 300k worth of dragon bones and in 2 trips...

I got 80 prayer! Woop woop!!!!

Fred started spamming the chat, which made my day all the more better so I took a pic. :-)

Well tomorrow is the last day of 2010... Crap, that means I gotta post about my goals and the year in review... Oh well, I got lots to talk about! :D Good night all!

Until next time...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spirimage Task

Today I did some real life things and then logged on for my slayer task. It was boring but I actually met someone while doing it and ended up having fun anyway! :D

His name was I 0WN UR A and he was busy camping at avies while I hacked away on the spirimages nearby. After a while he asked me for my name so I shot him this hilarious reply:

Everyone can go call me Piessa now... :P Pronounced Pie-Essa of course.

I finally got D boots, but it was the only pair the whole task. Owell, I still made lotsa munni!

Then I finally got 86 strength and 129 combat!!

Yay! Only like 3 more str lvls to go until I am lvl 130 and beyond! :D

I may or may not have things to do tomorrow and have no idea what sort of things to do on RS so I'll play it by ear tonight. :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Festival 2010

Well what an eventful past 2 days! I've been waiting for this for such a long time and it was finally here! I don't have a whole lot of pics, as I was too busy enjoying myself, but here are some highlights from my time at the Canting Winder Festival 2010:

A pic of the memorial event for Kieryn, where we all fished crawdads and then dropped them on the floor of the party room. :-)

After the event, a handful of us stayed and hung out before the next started. Here's me and Ultralisk dancing on our lovely poles. :P

Towards the end of the festival we had a KBD trip which about 10 or so of us went to. In between spawns we all turned into seals! XD

They told me to emote in the middle of it so my poles would "spear" it. I didn't get a pic of that, but I did get a pic of me standing on its wing! Dragon Dodger ahoy!!

For closing we did another parade through freeplay so I hopped on Jeffrey Peak and we took a little trip into the wildy, where we finally got owned by a knight. Being barely over 20 cb, it didn't attack me! We all had fun regardless though. :P

It was great and I had fun! I even managed to do my sleep so I'd be up at 4am for Tanya's tb event. We ended up having enough people to have our own game without going to the designated world which was nice! I even got to teach 2 more people how to play! I'm so glad I stayed up for it. Also fun was Lillantra's scavenger hunt, which I eventually gave up on and brought back some close-but-not-quite items that they laughed at me for. :P Of course, the KBD was also great fun, with all of us and some of us being on skype. I did some SC last night also and got lotsa points because we too had it all to ourselves, like we rented it out! :D I had a great time and maybe have some ideas for the next festival!

Good night all!

Until next time...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So I dun goofd. I thought the Canting festival started today at 5. After suddenly realizing I was probably off, I logged into Canting and asked if it was really in 3 hours. No. Oh good! That actually works out better, because now I have the full 24 hours to go!

You see, since I am behind England, the festival actually starts on a different day for me since it starts midnight. So of course I factored that in but forgot that I already took off the day before I checked to see what time it actually started so I took off another day. Oops. :P Fear not, I will be there, TOMORROW at 5pm. I thought I would have to miss some events because I would be attending church but now that it's actually on the 26th for me and not for England it starts an hour after I get home, which means I can stay up until the early morning without having to worry about going to bed! XD

So today was Christmas and I didn't even play any Runescape! Really really! I logged into the lobby and that was it because...

It was 10 or so last night and I was going to go to bed early because I knew that my sister, the only one in the house who is still excited about Santa and presents and stockings, would try to get me up at 6. Over my nomad-owned Camelot spawning body! I like my sleep thanks. Well, then Roflrazzi happened and suddenly it was 2am. Oops. Then I couldn't sleep because I was worrying when I'd be forced to get up. Finally I fell asleep and was just getting comfortable when suddenly Christmas music began blaring from the living room and my door was flung open. I was so tired my body hurt. I looked at the time: 7am. WTF.

I could hardly get out of bed I was so exhausted, and quite pissed because I got like no sleep. I collapsed on the couch and attempted to open the presents in my stocking but I was half awake and my hands wouldn't work so it took forever. I got some more of my favorite chapstick, nice green socks, and some candy. Yum yum! Then my sister dragged me into the front room where we had a tiny tree on our table (we literally have no room for our big tree so we said screw it and bought a 12 inch tall tree) and I laid facedown on the floor, trying desperately to stay awake. I didn't get a whole lot because our big present is our Disneyland trip which I was totally ok with. I would have much rather had no presents under the tree so I could sleep. Grinch I know. I did get a new unbrella with music notes on it because I broke my old one. ;-; I was quite happy about that. :D I got some gift cards from my cousin and we got Apples to Apples as a family and I got earrings from my sister and some new toiletry bags for our trip (that I chose with my mom when she bought them, lol).

After that we were waiting on our traditional breakfast and I couldn't take it anymore so I went back to my bed and laid down. My mom came to tell me the food was ready but thought I was already asleep so she laughed and shut the door. However I wasn't quite asleep and deided I didn't want to miss out on the one a year food so I told my cat I'd be right back and went out to enjoy our family tradition of pork link sausage, eggs, and cinnamon rolls. I'd have enjoyed them more if I wasn't sleep deprived but oh well. I stayed awake long enough to put on and listen to one of my favorite CD's and finally said screw it and climbed back into bed at about 8:30 or so and fell asleep until 1.

I don't feel very refreshed and although I was dying of thirst when I got up, I felt sick drinking water so I was afraid I was actually coming down with something. I think actually my stomach is just asleep. I played some RCT for a while and surfed the web and then ate our lovely Merlot Lamb and Sweet Potato dinner that is our other tradition and played a long game of Apples to Apples and then showered and am now trying to stay awake and write this. Merry Christmas.

In other news, WOOP WOOP THIS IS THE LAST CHRISTMAS I HAVE TO SPEND AWAY FROM MY BOYFRIEND WHO COMES HOME IN APRIL YAYYYYYYY!!! Four more months! Four more months! Four!! *clap* More!! *clap* Months!!!!

Good night all! My bed never looked so good. :P

Until next time...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Jeffrey Peak Does Holiday Event

Since the test run was on Pie, I thought I'd do it on Jeffrey Peak so I could slow it down and take lotsa pics. Easily my favorite holiday event so far! Enjoy the story:

First I had to talk to Mr. Crittersmash. Shhh, Santa is in disguise!

For the first room I had to tap the musical icicles. Because I have perfect pitch, this room was extremely easy. All I did was type the notes in my chat as I heard them and was off flawlessly tapping them back. Hehe.

Next I was off to the statue room. I play Jeffrey with public off but I was thoroughly enjoying all the raaaage going on when I did it on Pie. Everyone was cussing and whatnot and I was just laughing and enjoying the thrill of the challenge.

I got so close a few times and then decided to grab my camera and film a bit:

As you can see it ended up being my perfect run almost right away! I got super lucky a few times there!

Next I was off turning into an adorable seal!!

Since I knew what I was doing this time around I didn't fall into a hole once! :D

After that was the weird room with the portals. I totally missed the skates when I did it on Pie! XD
Finally I appeared at the biggest, baddest heim crab of them all- Salty Claws!

I skated onto the ice and scooped him up into a bukkit.

The item of which made me laugh!

I was soon back to Crittersmash and completed the quest for the 2nd time!

I has a hat!! XD

Merry Christmas everyone! I cannot wait to wake up to Reeces Mini Peanutbutter Cups, our traditional sausage links, and cinnamon rolls!!! Plus the winter festival starts at 5pm so it will be a day of festivities!

Until next time...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lotsa Expeez Today

Today I finally bought enough gold ore to finally get that last 3k or so xp to get a very good level indeed:

W000t!! I can now smiff r00n stuff! By that, I basically mean I can smelt my own ore that I mine into my own bars. Woot! 85 Smiffin's a good one!

After that I force fed myself some SC. I went to the real world where I played a game. The one thing that I hate most about SC is just the length of the games. They drag on and 20 minutes is a long time... I found my twin in Varrock West Bank on the way there though:

Her name was Lexiii and she had on a sara stole, agile, and her cape and when I showed up she ran and grabbed more identical items out of the bank!

Later in the night I made myself play some Fast SC. As much as I hate it, the worth of cutting the cost of 99 con in half is of much greater value so I sucked it up and went in. I swear, it's all bickering. Believe me, if I could stay in Canting when I played I would but I can't. I'm happy that the leaders put up with all the button-pushing, pking, and other crap to keep it safe but it makes it sooo hard to put up with. I must admit, the spammer talking about his itchy balls was pretty funny.

After 3 games that felt like forever, I had all the tools I needed to get 88 Construction and after a very short time I was there. Oh, I got my 2nd con rock in the middle of it. It arrived so late that I assumed I had gotten it already, because I went through an entire hammer from the legit game earlier with nothing. After using all my unnoted planks in a serving and having one more to make before leveling, I decided not to bother using my wad of mog notes on the butler and went to Varrock where I leveled from adding the stones to my statue, which is like 438,463 weeks behind.Yay! 88 Con! As I can basically boost 6 in my house, all this stuff I can make is old news. Roll on, 91!

After getting my level, I headed back to the bank to stew up for a +5 con boost to try and do my 93 con effigy. Luckily, orange spice is the most common and I was already loaded with spice and stew. It only took 4 stews and there it was! 20k free xp. The next was 95 mining/smiffin and I coulda gone and gotten my cay out of my house and caught the brown rats but Ultralisk piped up and said he could do it for me so I gladly agreed. He got his xp and I moved on to 97. I was hoping so much it would be agility and as I investigated I saw the phrase "deftness and precision" and with lots of @@@ for joy I got myself 30k more agility xp!! Woot! Both of em from dragons were 97 agil! Yay yay yay!! After that I promptly used my lamp on rhoonkreftin and immediately afterward I got the pheasant random so I got another 790 xp on top of the 24k. Woot! Huge xp gains today! :D

I foresee a ton of sc in my future... and if I get boots from my spirimage task, lots of mog planks! Good night all!

Until next time...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I br0k3 the 60m point in geep33!!!

First it was Peeky's turn and now it's my turn! In celebration, I took out 5m and bought as many mog planks as I could! Let's get serious about this 99 con!!!

Other than that, I did 2 stars today- getting finders on the 2nd! First was s7 in craft then 2 hours later pisc s1. Woot! The skiller pie strikes again!!

Good night all!

Until next time...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Green Dragon Mask.

Everyone knows that I think the dragon masks are adorable, and everyone knows that green is my favorite color. Well, I logged in and after charging through my irons task I was left with a toof half, 2 91 rc effigies and a clue scroll. The effigies were excitedly handed to Jaxana, who got 95 rc from them and a quick run of nats, the toof half was fitted with one of my many loops, getting me a dstone and 3 r00n bars richer, and the clue was put off for several hours.

I finally got around to doing it and eventually found myself in that elemental room searching a crate. Up popped the rewards and there, in the bottom of that crate, was this:

I was quite calm but extremely happy. D mask, check! Good luck on the clue, check! GREEN!!! Check!!! Yayayyyy!!!! I was tickled pink and ran out to get my dad and show him. Of course, I let loose in chat, although I was less visibly excited than the cc spam would indicate. I just wanna remember this special moment that I shared with the latenighters of Canting:

This means that thanks to an awesome outfit I saw on the Jagex facebook page, I can be The Grinch whenever I want. For free. Woooot!!! :D I'm keepin this cutie around for probably ever! Into my costume room it goes! I'm just so happy! Orix, thank you for the luck!! :D

Good night all!

Until next time...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Of Heim Hats and Golden Hammers

Yesterday I didn't play much because I decided to get a life and do other things... Then I played Rollercoaster Tycoon for a few hours because an idea I had finally captured my attention for more than 5 minutes. XD I did manage to tank my whole warp tort task which was nice. I guess in these late hours nobody's on to steal them! I am still 44k from 86 Str and... I have 80+ iron dragons. Go figure. :P I'll get around to those soon because this will push me super close to 90 magic!

Today I logged in, ready to do some ORT, and noticed a Christmas cracker in my bank! Whaatttt?? It turned out to be a golden hammer! Even better, I later found out that this counts as a smiffin hammer which means it's a wieldable, useful tool!! Woop woop!

Nobody was running so I got sad and left for a few hours, doing some things in real life and then again playing RCT for a while. Me and my dad made a gingerbread house out of chocolate, which I've wanted to do for years. Mmmm! When I got on I did some things here and there and set off to do the Christmas event.

It was much different than years past and I loved it! It was so much fun! I'll do a better post when I do it on one of my freebies but seriously I loved every minute of it! Plus, lots of new emotes to play with! Lovin the Heim santa hat thing and the seal emote and the crab dance and the snowman thing! Plus, the penguins are now snowguins so they are super cute also!

I later decided to scope a star and found a PGT one on Tanya's world and though she went to bed as it was uber early I was at my telescope, one click teles ready for the P and the T parts of it, and after literally clicking every second for about a minute on my telescope to wait for the 0-1 to turn to a spider eating the moon, I teled off to Lletya where I happily saw the star all floofed out. There was nobody around so I got taggsies and after a few minutes of mining by myself people finally started to show up and I was able to FINALLY get something I've been waiting for since forever!

Woot!! 92 Mining! I can now safely boost to do all mining effigies AND I'm halfway to 99!

I ended off the day with some farming and went to my kingdom to gather nests and stuff. I was in the GE with my public on for once and caught this cute funny just before I left for bed:

I love when people are creative like this. It makes RS all the more fun! XD

Good night all! I wonder what tomorrow holds for me.... :o

Until next time...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Ajjat Level is 99

Today was a very special day. Exactly 9 months ago I formally proposed that I was going to go for 99 Attack. Before then, and after Defence, I had my whip on shared because I didn't know what I wanted to do and had managed to get from 76-85 in both Attack and Strength.

I had around 70k xp left so I hit up Abyssal Demons to get that down to about 2k and then finally herded all my friends to my house where I killed my dad to get those beautiful fireworks. As I was filming I have no actual pics of the event so if peeps do please post them!! Several clicks of my whip later and I had my 5th level 99 skill:

Wewt!! Ajjat cape FTW!!!!

As always, here are my stats as they were at 99 Attack:

I like how all my 99's touch a corner of another one. :D I also love how low my str is! Totally on purpose and totally awesome! XD My combat was 128.

First thing I did in celebration? Go do my dustie task... training str for once! Good thing I have my handy Sara Sword! Now I need to go get Korasi so I can still wield my DFS or Defender...

I also completed the last 4 floors of my prestige run in Dunj. Man it took a long time but 7-10 are done and the whole 33 floors have been reset so I am looking highly to doing some large floors with people so that I can raise tokenage for Herbicide and other skiller goodies. XD

Later on, Peeky logged in!!!! He's sort of back from his break from RS and I was soooo excited to see him! I just had to show him my cape and skiller outfit before dinner so I headed over to freeplay where I caused a scene and showed off one of his favorite emotes:

Flipper to da FACE!!!!

Tomorrow I plan on doin my warptort task and leveling my str, getting be 129 combat! :D:D

I leave you with this funny from this morning. I'm tellin ya, Yana and I think very much alike! All this played out within seconds of each other:

Good night all!!

Until next time...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Of Attack and Laughs

What a day!! Finally, with mostly a whole day to play, I got lots and lots of pics!

First, I killed zombies for a while before Zach finally alerted me to the fact that I could just melee baby black dragons in the chaos tunnels. So, I took him up on that and my task was over in like 15 minutes. XD There were three adorable little noob clones there killing greens which was nice cuz it got them off the black drags so I could attack them faster. They had on matching granite bodies and dragon everything else. Bot or not, they were adorable!

Then I got velds for my next task so I gladly headed on up and watched my xp till 99 go down down down!

I met a guy named 1Killerfate who was pretty nice and we chatted some. Chocobo came up the tower three times, twice forgetting the craft effigy he had. I was afk and came back to him saying "crap I forgot it!" and 1Killerfate going "I take it u know him..." LOL!! XD

I took a break to do the court summons that I've had forever. I don't even remember what dropped it, but prolly an iron dragon. It was HAM vs Goblin and when I looked at the rewards.... Whoa!! 15k attack xp!! I totally need that!! I decided to dress up in my best defensive attire, perfect since I was prosecuting! XD

Hawt! I wonder if I could show up to real court that way! :P

I totally captured the hearts of everyone with my summary and argument of the case... and my Trollweiss. :P

Soon I was done with some very naise rewards. :D

After that I decided to go play some more pest control just for a change of scenery. I "crashed" the pro pest control team so that I would have a 95% chance of winning the game. Like yesterday, I took my normal pwnclothes with my agile cape and sara sword. I got Plur and Ragerun to go with me and we played a bunch of games.

Awwwww adorable helm on the guy in the gilded!!! :3

Instant meme!

Me with my SS on the right and my twin agile sister on the left with an SGS.

It was funny... I did my agile emote and the quiet, cranky boat suddenly erupted into "z0mg agility is the best skill ever! So pro!! Awesome cape!!" I then started doing my favorite emote (trick) and got like half the boat to follow:

I'm near the front left of the boat with my hands in the air... :P

Once I had gotten 200 pest points all cashed in and after a quick farm run I decided to go after that dragon defender. It was still pretty crowded and I had to compete a few times but I was finally able to actually hit one. I got 2 cycolossus which beat the living crap outta me but after that 2nd one died....
Bing! Dragon defender!!!

With that gotten I made my way around the various towns putting together a beautiful outfit to wear with my Ajjat cape. What better thing to do than make a skiller outfit with a combat cape! I'll be showcasing it at W46ATAT on Monday. :P

Sneak peek of my outfit whilst modeling the Ddef :D

Oh boy I am tired. I got up early and played at gradjamacation. Luckily it was a very quick ceremony this time and I didn't completely kill my face! Now I'm done and have a whole month to do lots of things, like finally get around to doing those RSMV's I've had in the works! I am typing sooooo badly right now... Luckily I catch stuff before I sent if off... (I just spelled off as ott) I am exhausted and should go to bed. Oh yeah, I'm getting a 99 tomorrow!

I leave with you some funnies from the text:

I hopped to find an open veld world and upon logging in, Coss says "L" and... the rest followed soooo smoothly!

Something that made me laugh out loud for no real reason. Flat nose! ;- ;_)

A bunch of funnies in one. First, a rhyming Taylorism at the top (where he rhymes something 3 times) which was funny by itself, but then this epic conversation about electronics followed and I just HAD to capture it in a pic! A computer in my computer so I can play while I play?? Golden!

Teehehehe good night all! Ajjat Cape tomorrow! I can has powpowpow flipper kick to da faceeeee!!! I wish Peeky and Kitty were here to see it... ;-; Owell... Off to bed!

Until next time...