Friday, September 24, 2010

Two More to Add

Today was an epic landmark day. It was the day that I got skills #8 and #9 to that magical barrier of 90+!!!!!!!!!!1 :D

First up was farming. After a quick tag of my 2 mages and 2 yews that 29k was gone in no time and I was bearer of Skill #8, Farming!!

Woooot! Finally I can pick the spiritbloom which has haunted me so!

I then spent the next several hours at the ivy until finally....

My Skill #9 hits 90!! One I totally did not expect... :D

While I was cutting ivy with ArielBenn I got the beehive random and noticed that they guy behind the screen has a Peekybeard!!! :D:D

Hehehe I love that peekybeard!

I did some work on Jeffrey Peak getting some magic xp. I managed to do Witch's Potion and Swept Away, plus the two strongholds without dying!! Yay!! Thank you Orix for being my guide. :D And, finally, thanks to Witch's Potion I got the sort of epic signature chathead I was looking for:

For the win! Absolute beauty!

Finally, after almost falling asleep from staying up till wayyyy late, me and Orix did an evil tree together after I got my assists in, getting less than 2m to 99 craft!

OK it's really time for bed. I haven't been this exhausted in a long time. At least I don't have to get across town in full uniform at 6:30 like my fellow marching band comrades. Sucks for them... :-{

Gnight all!

Until next time...

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