Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Have Eyes!!

Today I logged in at skool so that my daddy could do my 91 Herby effigy. He then req'd my assist for his 91 cooking but I have cook turned off so he got deeeeNIED!! ROFL! Luckily Tanya was just around the corner and got herself some free cooking xp! :D

She also was showing off her awesome dance moves:

Oh and she showed me her recently purchased BCP!!!! As I was wearing my bandos I lent her my tassets for a sec so she could admire herself in full Bandos! She looks like meeee! XD

Woooot for teh pwnzzzz!!!

I then set off to finish my greater task. It went by in a flash and my next task was warped torts!! Woot! I was 10k from 95 Attack so I got that:

As well as a combat level up! Woohoo 127!!

Along my task I encountered a very rude crasher but I gave him the benefit of the doubt... Maybe he was drunk! XD I just hopped and continued my merriment all by me onesie. Oh, and I discovered that I now have eyes!!!!!!!!

Haha can you see my bugged-out eyes?? XD

Woooot eyes!!! Oh, and this is my new nood outfit. I needed one that had no sleeves so I could still have sleeveless pirate shirts and pants with no boot things cuz they look weird with flippers. Here I am after my wildy clue.

A penguin got caught in the fairy ring and ended up in Zanaris! It's usually a chin from Eagles Peak, so this was awesome!

I finally did my clue which was mostly puzzles... I had 4 slideys and a challege scroll, with random panic in the woods and 3 volcanoes in it. I got an H2 kite and a court summons!

Nothing like getting jury duty for completing a clue. :P

Time for bed! Before I go I wanna say thank you to all my good friends. You mean so much and I love you!

Until next time...


  1. We love you Piepie. <333333 Yay for Bandos! Only 22-23mil to go till I have tassets fo realz. xD