Monday, September 27, 2010

The 350th Post!

Whoaaaa! Look at me go! 350 posties!

The day started off early with a quick login. Due to unfortunate circumstances I was unable to get the con assist from Jax for my effigy so I sent Merchy a message asking if she would do it, as she wound unmax first. She said yes and saved some room for me and when I logged in at 6:45 am she was there waiting. She couldn't do it without a cuppa so we made a quick run to my house where she helped herself to my very fine tea.

I got that 95 layer unwrapped and now have 97 Smiffin again. I swear, every time I get 95 con and 97 smiffin!! I'll either wait for an opportunity to arise or get 92 mining and boost 5, whichever comes first. Oh effigies... :P

I didn't have a ton of time to play, due to my Mondays being full of Real Life, so I got on Jeffrey Peak in hopes to get his crafting from 1 to 5 so that I could do Gunnar's Ground for a 3rd time. On the way to the Dwarf Mines to get a steel pick I went to hang out with my fellow man and got a pic of us hanging out:
He's really paranoid. :P

I set off wandering around Runescape trying to find clay. It was darn near impossible as no spots had it. I finally wandered all the way to Champs which is the only place I know of in freeplay with clay. Well, freeplayers are really annoying and every time I'd go to mine it, someone would run over and mine it first. OK really?? Do you really need 2 clay rocks??? Come on!! I only needed 2 inventories!

With that annoyance and competition over I was finally able to make me some luuurvely pots. I easily got 5 crafting from 1. In fact, I got 7 by the time I was done. Woohoo! Oh, and apparently you can "break" pots when firing them... Who knew... Anyway finally I was ready to start the quest for the 3rd time. How convenient I was in Barby Village! I got started with my sputtering of words...

...and before I knew it I had arrived once again at that fabulous scene and got yet another pic, this time with 'Peaky':

Hehe my combat boots look sooo weird with my thin black legs. XD

Reward got me 9 crafting and the lamp got me 22 magic. Yay, 3 levels till 25 and then I can tele to Varrock! I remember that taking months on Pie back in the day... Now I am stuck. I want to do Rune Mysteries so that I can craft my own runes to get 25 magic, but I want 25 magic before I do the quest to avoid walking from Wiz Tower to Varrock. I'll prolly end up just doing the quest anyway... Are mind bombs freeplay? :P

I then logged into Pie to begin my garg task. 227 of em! I was 85k from 96 attack and I brought them camping tools (3 yips, summon pot, EnEx, explorer ring to alch) and hopefully I'll be able to stay for the whole task without leaving. For sure 96 attack will happen! Plzzz drop me some mauls and mystic tops too!

Well I can barely keep my eyes open. I better go to bed... I am giving blood IRL tomorrow and I need to be rested and eat a good breakfast. Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. Actually, having done Rune Mysteries on two accounts, Aubury and Sedridor will offer a teleport in the dialogue. it got updated at some point, try it and see.

    ~helm lardar