Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of September Hiscores

Wahahaha I went back in time! The date is correct, but I am posting this blog post a day late because I was so tired that I didn't get around to doing it. Better late than never!

Not much to say... Got LRC as my next task and rocked the house, getting TONS of xp!!

I caught this good post during some lag. And no, I didn't do this task on 84. };)

I had a great chat with Fred later in the e'en and then Nez came along and said something about Membys and because I was so tired, well, see for yourself:

I read Membys as Mambo. XD

And now, here are my booootiful stats as they were right before October hit:

Managed to touch below 800 in agility! :D I haven't been able to run much but I can't wait to get back into it. My lowest stat is 66, with my "real" lowest being thieving at 77. Woot, movin on up towards 80! Dunj will get to 70 sometime... I just need to break down and do some 5 man larges. Other than that, only 3 skills left under 80! I should get craft and possibly attack to 99 this month, so stay tuned! Woop woop!

Until next time...

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