Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Mini Post

I be tired so here is a mini post.

1. I made my first Pee Plus Plus (super wep poison) today! A whole 58 of em! It was worth 11k herby xp. I'm going to make an effort to keep on planting my Belladonna when I go to Fally.

2. All my potatoes died of course, rather untimely as I need to grow freaking taters for a seers elite. If you recall from earlier posts I got so mad that my taters kept dying that I 'ragequit' and planted them all with no compost. With no seeds left me and another guy tried pping the Ardy farmer to absolutely no avail. I think it's hax! I was busy digging up my dead taters in Catherby when up popped 3 seeds. Otantu ime, Guthix!!! I love my scroll of life! So, I put down supercompost, planted them, and even paid to protect them. I am so desperate but at least I know they will live! :P

3. I got Tanyakins addicted to Trouble Brewing. <3333333333333

4. Stillwater and Saltwater are my two newest favorite songs. Oh my gosh they own! Check em out if you get the chance. So glad I finally played fishyfling and unlocked them!

I am falling asleep so I'm going to hit the pillow. Good night all!

Until next time...

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