Friday, September 17, 2010

The Day In Pictures

Today I was on randomly throughout the day, for about an hour here and there. So, I spent a lot of that time trying for my 2nd fm rock since I got lucky and got the first earlier while lighting a fire to cook some monks for bork. I went to Yanille (actually started fletching, but once again whoops I got them already :P) and so I lit fires. I was getting into it when someone runs up to me shouting ":O" so I look at his name and it was a fellow brother Pie! Ehehe The pork pie even! We then had this nice exchange:

It's not often they run to me... usually I'm the one who runs to them shouting "Brother Pie!!"

Hmmm then when I got home I was able to do the Skelehorror! The tele is cool. :P

I'm falling thru the floor!

I spotted a guy with a peekybeard and a huge hat! XD

His name was "Got Lagg" and his outfit was cool. XD

I decided to pp some HAM so I donned a hastily-made thieving outfit:

I got a clue right away of course so I set off to do it when my inventory was full. I got distracted by and evil magic tree that I did with Fred and some others, and convinced one to go get his flippers so he came back with them, jester outfit, and an octohat. XD He then lost all his dignity and ran away. XD After the tree I had 26 minutes of magic so I went to mages and got 31 logs. Huah! Then at the GE while getting crap for my lvl 1 clue I spotted another funny name:

Haha "Ffs My Torso..." I also like "Kaytastrophe." :P

After I finally did my clue I got a crap reward. }:-|

35 waters and a whopping TWO phoenix teles. Oh well, better than 35 waters and like... 20 airs I guess... :P

Well I'm off for the day. I'm so tired I keep typing random words. Ugh... Tomorrow is a very important day! You have until I post to figure out what is so special about tomorrow. :D Oh and hapy birthday Lyonal Diamond! Ehehe he's growing up! Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. Happy birthday to Pie's Blog!!!! His first teeth today :D

    *send chocolate cake*

    Gratzy Pie