Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Today was quite the day! I got on earrrly and did Rune Mysteries on Jeffrey Peak. Thanks to a tip by Helm, although I had to walk up to Varrock I did get a free ride back to the wizard tower. Woohoo! I gained several mining levls mining my own ess and a couple rc lvls making me some airs. I'll have 25 magic in no time! :D

While mining ess, Rachy was busy doing Contact. She pwnt it!!! Fred went to go get her and fell through the floor... Oops... He was fine but I got a funny :o:o:O out of it. XD

I have a friend at school who plays RS so we took advantage of our free time and did 2 dunjun floors together! Hehe we were quite the sight... It was a lot of fun and we got hobgob geo and skinweaver. He died many times on the skinweaver and I was doing great until I ran out of prayer and got piled... twice... nice. My prestige was 0 so I barely got above 500 xp but it was fun!

Oh yeah, I gave blood today! It was very interesting... I like... stopped bleeding halfway through so they just called it a day. I guess I am chronically dehydrated... I really felt it afterwards and was very lightheaded and dizzy all day. I perked up after I got home and ate some chicken nuggets, which tasted like the best thing on earth. I also of course got cookies and juice right after I gave blood and got lunch and powerade to replenish me at skool but ugh... That's never happened before... I now have 8 weeks till I can do it again! XD I think I was also just tired as well. Early bedtime tonight... Must drink water...

When I got home I piddled around and did my garg task. It flew by, and before long I got a level I had totally forgotten about:

Woot! 96 attack!! 3 to go!

Gargs didn't drop anything really good besides a rune full helm and some sapphires but hey it was a lot of combat xp and I am cool with that! On the way to the GE I came across the Sparkly Obelisk so I did familiarisation and got this lovely shot:

In my honest opinion, I think the double spirit larupia is the prettiest thing on Runescape. Such lovely spots and the most beautiful shade of blue! Hehe, I got to be a purple larupia this time. :P I got 83 thin snails for my reward which I sold for 150k! Nice to know I am helping out a fellow summoner. :-)

Before I go, I got creative and made two graphs today. Enjoy!
This one was inspired during Rune Mysteries. XD

I am always always always joking about getting a visage! Everyone who knows me knows that. I have no idea what I'll do when I really do get one. Until then, I got a visage on my shield!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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