Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bass Daddy Trims His Hitpoints Cape

Today was quite a day indeed! First, I got to work on my blue dragon task and by a great gift it went by quickly and before long it was over and I was at my altar and finally got that prayer level!!!
Woot! 79 pray! One level until 80!!!

After that I did some SC with Kayla and then it was time for the uber huge show stopping event of the day: it was FINALLY time for my dad, who has trained combat as evenly and strictly as Merchy, to level not one, not two, but four skills to 99. :o

The grand event was held at my house, in my combat ring... Yes- the same ring that so many have gotten 99's in before, starting with my 99 Defence. I love hosting parties and people love my house so it's great fun! There were people there from my previous clan that I haven't seen in a year and it was way fun to see them along with a couple of my dad's friends from Hab's cc, Clantast1c. After forever and ever all the people were finally amassed:

Clockwise from left: Cat de Meow (farm cape), Me (in flippers), Dancing Lark (cavalier), Astrodome (Peekyface) [sitting], Pperrizo (with SOL), Nihil-Ist (with dunj gear), Kayla (sitting), Jojododo9 (in purple), Herblore Hab (herb cape), God Of Skils (sitting with varrock pl8), Saucyminx8 (farm cape and royal crown), NEON VIPER (with gs), and finally my dad in the middle with a cutlass. :P Also there was Yeurope and someone I don't know from Hab's chat. It was a big crowd! :D

...And all ready to go! We kind of did it as we went along and the way he did it was each skill separately and killed 4 people to do it. He started with Defence first, because it was my first 99, and killed me. It was even more epic because this trimmed his hitpoints cape that he has had almost as long as I've had my agility cape. XD Then he got range next on Cat de Meow who is a looonnnggggg time friend of ours from wayyyy back when. She is the one RS person I have met in real life. We go back! :D Then, he got attack on Kayla who was sporting her hawt rainbow fro, and finally finished it all off by leveling his str on Peekyface. :P

And, of course, I was filming. Enjoy!

After the festivities I got to work crafting. I'm under 2m now so basically it's gonna be an inspirational grind to the finish! I got 60 points so I tanned my blue hides and got to work making bodies. I also managed to scrounge and sell 2m worth of st00f I don't need in the bank so I was able to once again replenish my supply of green leather. Oh it felt good being able to buy more than 1k again! :D I also made some amulets and cut gems for some craft xp and thanks to Ultralisk I got my glory strung and a free trip to Lunar so I went on lunars and made and blew me some glass. Fun times! Under 600k till 98!!

I leave with you a pic of a guy with a funny name. I saw a d00d in a rc cape named "Done With Rc." Made me laugh! :D

Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. so sad I missed that, Huge gratz to Bass!!!! And Pie, nice prayer lvl :D