Friday, September 3, 2010

Double Xp Weekend: An Unexpected Moment of Win

Sooooo... Today was the big day! With nearly triple xp to play with I didn't log into RS all day at school so that I would have lots of time when I got home to stuff nests into grey sludge and then kill things until I went mad.

Finally I was all home and began my enjoyment of DXPW. It was much less hectic than last time, probably because I was delayed by several hours so the initial psychotic rush had died down by then. I enjoyed some nice quiet time sipping some fermented harralander beer and making Sara Brews. After I got all of them done I put some irits I found in my bank in vials and made me some super attacks. After all was said and done I didn't get 81 Herby but I am at most 80k till if not less so I am happy. That's like 2 weeks of pengs or some hardcore kingdom herblorage.

I had a fair amount of time left on the 2.7 multiplier so I took advantage of not needing SC hammers and did some impromptu construction with the tons of planks of all sorts I found in my bank. I got both con rocks (now you can only get them by actually making stuff, finally!) and finally, after like 9 months, I leveled con!!!

Yay!! Now I can boost up 4 with a stew and do any 91 construction effigies I may get! That's a step closer to 88, where I can then actually assist people for 91 con!!

Among that time Tanya was running agility. She is going for 80 and beyond!! She recently got her own 1k Tikkitz and went from 72 (I think it was) to 75!! Woot!! Last I heard she was pretty close to 80 and has been running ape with her bonus xp to get there faster. She even has summer pies all ready to go when she hits that lovely 80! Since I didn't log in today I couldn't cheer her on so she had to improvise:

XD I wub you Yaya!!!

After I had my level I set off for the best way to level my attack. I have blue dragons which involves a crap ton of banking so I decided to give dunjuneering a try and got brave and did a solo floor 3 on medium. Man it took me like an hour and a half to get through it but I did open every room and get 10k xp from it! *weary* It was enough to level me to 65 which is what counts:

Woot! Sometime when I am down to 10% bonus I'll go open up the hidden room and get moar expeez!!

After I did that I tried a game of soul wars but I just cannot stand the people so I left after just one game. I did get lots of xp so I was happy. Actually, the real reason I left is even more awesome. Peeky asked me about how to get the mime court case because it unlocks an emote. Wait, WHAT??? A new emote??? Sure enough, at the very bottom, was the shadow of a new emote called faint. My heart started beating a little faster. I had a court summons in my bank from the other day and I remember casually reading it but dismissing it as unimportant. I was pretty sure it was the mime one!!! With shaking hands I finished the round and ran to the chest. I pulled it out and...

IT WAS THE MIME!!!!!!!!!!!

I set off right then to do it. Who cares if my ticker was running I wanted that new emote!!!!
The case was great. I chose to defend because as a mediator I often defend people and see their good. Ugh, more defence xp and not attack but oh well. It was a very enjoyable case because the mime actually mimed out everything and didn't talk. It was really cool! Of course the dialogue was hilarious!

Interviewing the mime... Interesting...

Totally righteous dude!!

Invisible box!

Befoe I knew it the case was over and I won! Woohooooo!!

I immediately started spamming the emote. It looks so weird! I collapse and fall to the ground... It certainly got everyone's attention! XD I showed Fred and Jiblix ran by, doing a total U-turn asking what in the world I just did. :P I didn't get a pic, but it looks pretty cool in full bandos, like I'm dead, so I'll have a pic tomorrow. XD Even better, when I opened my mystery box it said "You get 20 law runes. Excellent!" Totally made my day!

Best. Clue. Reward. Ever. I don't care if it was a delayed realization that is so totally ownage!!

Well I'm off to bed. I got a full day of shade killing planned! I went there after I spammed the emote and am enjoying myself for the time being. I may do my task later but for now obscure shades are my thing. :D

Until next time...

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