Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Bloggiversary!!!

Oh my goodness! This blog is a year old! A whole year! A year ago this day I finally broke down and created a Runescape blog, posting just a tiny little post before going to bed. If I recall, I was sick with a cold. I also know that at this time I was excitedly beginning my journey to 99 Agility. My how time flies!

In honor of my Bloggiversary, I have LOTS of pics from today!

I continued with my HAM picking and got a clue scroll which I did. This one was much easier with all search clues and when it came to an emote clue I got "have nothing equipped." Woooot! My reward was quite awesome as well and I even did a double take.

88 Oak planks??? Really??? Woohooo!!!!!!! And 3 misc teles. Woot!

Upon login now when loading content it shows art of mage/range/melee with little blurbs at the bottom left about them. I guess Guthix was feeling generous and I got one about pies! :D

Hehe you can't go wrong with pie! :D

I scoped a star in Misthalin since Tanya is hooked at the mo getting her mining up. I teled just in time to see the star land right on Fred. XD Me, Fred, Kayla, and Tanya represented Canting and we managed to get in a lineup for a pic when it was over.

We look so good! l-r me, Fred, Tanya, Kayla

Upon entering the GE after the star this uber long and funny convo popped up. It all started when Rash Killer asked what wb means and man did we have an answer or two... pics worth... :P

My subliminal messages at the end came true if you're reading this! XD

I found the time to go visit Merchy in her house and have a nice talk, which I always love. I then toured her brand new and awesome dunjun! She's a big lvl 120 now!! She wanted to see it from someone else so I took this pic of us:

Ehehe her skirt is sooo cute! :D

I then decided to do some pro grinding and camped at abyssal demons some more... for hours. I was there a long time! Like 5 bunyips worth of time. Cuz when grinding attack, time is measured in bunyips. XD Gonzyy got a rune defender and I thought his message was cute:

Hehe spam spam spam :P

Peekyface got 99 Dunjuneering today!!! I definitely took the time to go see him and get a pic of his kewt new cape!! Gratzyyy Peekyface!

l-r Cat de Meow, me, Peeky

Speaking of which, I got a new default outfit like Faerie Tana's. I had the worst time finding two acceptable shades of green so I decided to be daring and make my skirt yellow and match my flippers! Now I can parade around like this:

My shoes are yellow too so when I take off my flippers it still looks like I have them on. Pro! XD

I returned to abby demons after Peeky's impromptu dunjun party and my grinding finally paid off and I got my 2nd whip:

...and was obviously very happy about it! :P There were people in chat this time when I got it! :D Today was being a great day!!

I ended the night by checking off 2 seers elite tasks and starting Fally by planting a mage tree. Then I did the circus and then went to Lunar to fill my vials and plank make a little. When I swapped spells I crafted some runes and got my first rock, I'll get the 2nd one tomorrow. I picked up the little rock bag from the museum and it 'rocks!!' XD

Here is a pic of me doing agility in the circus. It's near impossible to tell but I am doing the faint emote, on the tightrope! XD

I look like some shriveled up thing but I promise you I am on my side. I have no clue how I can do this, I must be very talented. XD I guess my 15m xp allows me to do the impossible!

I leave with you this small video I made today of some randomness. Enjoy my trick I can do with my faint emote. I can't wait until my friends start unlocking it. I sense fun faint barrages to come!

Woooo what a day! I feel very festived out and am very happy with how my day went. Another year, bring it on!! :D

Good night all!

Until next time...


  1. As the admin of RSCA always says: "Have some cake for me." ;)

  2. Jersam.
    This is better then Merchie's
    Keep up the good work ;D


  3. You guys totally forgotten that Pie wants pie, not cake!

    *Takes out world record breaking pie*