Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Hit K-O

Today I did lots of r00ncrafting on Jeffrey Peak, getting a level each time. Finally when I was done making airs and minds I bought an earth staff from Zaff and went to the Noob Lum Dungeon and killed the lvl 3 corpse spiders by throwing dirt on them. Finally after very little effort I had 25 mage! Wow, that was easy! I don't remember getting the varrock tele on Pie for like... months! I didn't even use the ge... I guess things really are easier when you know where everything is!

I then did my Kalfite task. Such a boring bunch of rubbish that task is... and I had well over 200... I want to ban them and thought about canceling but I am saving up 2k points to buy ice strykes (and have less than 100 points to go- maybe 4 tasks more) so I decided to just do it. I took my Keris P++ of course and finally, FINALLY, actually got a picture of a one hit wonder shot! It's very elusive because it is unexpected and lasts maybe 3 seconds but I got one!

POW! One hit KO!!!

There are a lot of new people in Canting as of yet and they are really cool. Half are genuinely new and the other half are people with name changes, but whose previous name I recognize, that haven't been around in a while. I had this amusing little chat with Jayke Elwood. It's probably not even funny now but it made me laugh out loud:


Time for an early bedtime... I am drained! Tomrrow is picture day for band so I need to pack my black dress and straighten my hair and all that jazz... Excited I am not. }:-|

Good night all!

Until next time...

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