Thursday, September 16, 2010

From The Text and Pics

Today I got to school way early and since I don't have my early class on Thursdays I had almost 3 hours to kill. The wifi I had wasn't great though so I didn't want to go kill Bork which I was planning on doing so I did a quick star and then got on Fearie Tana for some more woodcutting and firemaking action!

Tanya, being bored, decided to get on her freeplay other account too! She went to Varrock and got the same dress that I have and made one really epic outfit with it. I love the colors she chose! And the hair!!!

Ehehe she's an elf and I'm a witch! :D

Eventually Fred and Lucas 2am came by for some freeplay fun. I finally got the wc and fm lvls to do willows so we migrated to Draynor and continued the fun. Fred even got on his freeplay pure acct named Kaylahelper1 and we sent Draynor up in flames! XD

Clockwise from top left Azalea Soul (Tanyakins), Kaylahelper1 (Fred-037) and Faerie Tana (me)

We got talking to the people chopping willows and most of us have members that are our mains so before I had to leave I decided to be a total noob and go pay them a visit on my main. Oh, and I also pizza bombed them!! XD


After a long while I did my entire steel task and got blue dragons again. Bleh, but also woot because I'll level prayer from it. :D I just hate banking a ton. So, I decided to camp at abby demons instead which was much more fun. Oh, and my dad had them as a task so we went together to pwn them. :P

Ehehe it was fun! I got lots of loop halves. :P

OK moving onto the text, I got several funnies throughout the day. First, here is one featuring my new }:-| face. I had just pwnt Bork and got no clue. Jagex censores his furrowed brow. XD

Here is a very long one, in two pics, of just another fun day of Zakki and Tanya having fun as they go along:
Zakki broke Tanya's face!!! D: But then I fixed it! }:-]

Here is one featuring Yrrah's name:

LOL Yrrahmen noodles! XD

Eek, I am so tired the room is spinning because I am like nodding off but not. Good night all!

Until next time...

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