Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quest Complete!

...on Faerie Tana! Sorry, no Nomad yet, although my turn to shove my flipper up his *$#&@ is fast approaching. :P

I did some crafting on my main before getting tired of it. I did a game of Fast SC and then got on Faerie Tana, getting a couple chopping and firemaking levels. Firemaking is now my highest skill, at 39. XD What pyro I've become! When I created the account I was thinking maybe some fairy crafter skiller... Certainly not a witch! XD

Kayla was there to give me a freshly smithed Addy hatchet. While there, I asked her if she would make me some addy armour, as I was like 90 xp from 30 Defence. She agreed but whoops, needed a mature stout for the platebody. I said no problem and hopped back on Pie, giving her a sip from my keg and then took advantage of this service and bought the orange and blue dyes needed for Goblin Diplomacy, traded them to Kayla, and then she gave me the addy armour and dyes in exchange for my old mithril wear and some coins to make up the difference.

Finally, I could complete Goblin Diplomacy!! I dunno what seemed so hard about it, I had all the stuff but the dye... It easily went down and I got some crafty xp and a goldbar. Oh, and this nice shot of my massive painted-on cleavage. :P

Wow, I have a huge chest in that shirt! XD

With that done I set off to complete Black Knight's Fortress. I was scared because the guide is like "omg omg omg tough aggro knights blah blah blah." As if I remember doin it the first time anyway... Well, turns out it was uber easy and I was totally fine in my new addy armour. Totally overpacked food... :P Oh, I got 30 Defence killing 2 highwaymen on the way to finish GobDip. XD

Here is a picture of the cabbage of doom tumbling into the cauldron and spoiling the potion of awesomeness:

Hole in one!

I then completed Gunnar's Ground on the way to Fally, because it's a one-stop quest. Awwwww look at the tall barbarian hug a dwarf! :3

I completed that quest and was thrilled with my new Swanky boots. I pitched my Fancy boots which floated elegantly to their home in the SOS. Score! I then ran to Fally, finished BKF, and got started on the WGS of free quests- Dragon Slayer! Oooooo, scary! I wonder if my 32 combat will be enough to pwn it good! I believe I was ~47 combat when I did it on Pie and leveled to something in the 50's. I remember jail guards didn't attack me when I finished. :D All I know is I'll more than double my Defence and add about 1.5x my str xp. Yeah, 30 att, 30 def, 21 str ftw! I'll be using str through the maze, which I have totally forgotten about. :P

However, that's for another day. :P I leave with you this picture of a cool outfit I saw when fishing sharks while waiting for someone:

His name was Onrefne and he had a con cape and this cooool default outfit. It owns!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. glad u liked my outfit enough to put it in ur story :)