Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prepared for DXPW

Crap... that starts tomorrow... That means I can't (shouldn't) play until I get home after skool. Well, I take that back. I was planning on sipping some Harralander Beer and making however many Sara Brews I have nests for, which is around 100. That shoudln't cause too much trouble and then when I get home I will be ready!

I would take a picture, but all that it would be of is my abyssal whip! XD Here's to mega Attack xp!

Today I logged in before I left for school to talk to my friends. Turns out Merchy was in need of some Greenman's Ale of her own so I happily and gladly sold her some. :D

Of course we took an obligatory picture showing off our new clothes! Hers look hawt! :D

I only played long enough after school to do a farm run... Real life means lots of things to get done but I got the biggies (Psych homework, emailing prof, filling out audition form) crossed off. I'm sure there's more but I forgot. :P

Before I leave here is someone with an awesome name I saw:

Hehe this guy gives me hope! :D

Gnight all! May DXPW be kind to y'all and being much levels!

Until next time...

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