Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vyrewatch Drop Like Rain

Welll... I decided to start off with some more shades. That got pretty boring, and it's pretty obvious I won't get 99 attack on the 12th as I'm still 4m away and it's 8 days away, so I decided to take it easy and slay Vyrewatch for fun. Man, when I first would camp at them they took forever to kill and I would eat several sharks per. It also didn't help that I was training defence and therefore using a really bad attack style. Nowadays I pwn them as fast as anything else!

First here is a pic of me "fainting..."

I look like I died. It's great fun spamming the ge... I get quite the following of wtf's! XD

Earlier at shades I caught two funnies. First, I finally have some sense of wit! This one just came out naturally and I was so proud. XD

Also, enjoy a huge post on the "fail vaccine" :P You'll prolly wanna click this one to read it.

After a bit of camping at vyres I was informed that Tanya had achieved 80 agility so I thought what the heck... and ran! Yes folks I used my bonus xp to run agility. I am proud of it! >:D Also there was Kayla and even my dad showed up! He of course can only run the basic part which is funny as he was wearing full bandos and untrimmed hp cape. XD

Wewt!! Me and Yaya synched up and flew into place! :D

I continued to run until I got 100k xp. I was surprised that along the way only ONE person questioned my running-with-99-agil. He was all "u have an agility cape" and I was all "yes, yes i do!" and that was the end of that. I told you, I love to run! Tanya had long since gone to slay but I happily circled the course, easily breaking 15.1m xp. With 1k xp per lap, how could I NOT run??

After I got 100k I went back to vyres for several hours until I had 100 corpses. It hardly took any time! As I was finishing Tanya had gotten an uber mega achievement. Actually two. First, she got 81 Agility!!! Wooooot! And, she also got her own Agile Legs!!! :D:D

Me and my dad ran to Varrock to meet up with her and dance. :D

After that I bought sacred oil and got 100 maple pyre logs up and ready for burning. I knew I got xp for adding oil but I had no clue which skill. Turns out it's firemaking. Wooot! I set to work burning the 100 vyres and before long I had achieved another tier of Flail Pwnage:

I am sitting on 315/500. I can get 185 vyres tomorrow! :D Let's doooo ittttt! :D:D

During my second batch of keys, I got blood tally after tally! I thought it was pretty weird but was happy. Then, finally, it happened. I have literally waited like 2 years for this moment. I had a dream that this happened and FINALLY IT DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woooooooot!! I got a D Spear!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Of course my bank got totally maxed so I couldn't keep it but sold it to someone who will enjoy it. I still have a d spear p++ in the bank from my dad but I think I'll sell that too, and my d med and d skirt. I am totally running out of bank space! :o Of course, after I sold everything, I went to my kingdom and just loaded it back up but I have lots of supplies to make sara brews now so I might level to 81 now!

I leave with you this picture from today. I hopped on Jeffrey Peak briefly to do a dungeon or two. I was curious to see how a lvl 8 would do. Things are lame on all the complexities without skill doors but I had fun. I did floor 1 complex 1 alone and then floor 1 complex 2 with Zoorhana who was so kind as to duo with me. :D The following pic is the title I got from my very first dungeon:

I can has heim crab!! Ahahaha win!

Well, I'm once again so tired. Can't wait till tomorrow! :D

Until next time...

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