Saturday, September 11, 2010

Triple Level

Whoa what a day! I started off by finishing my blue dragon task which dragged on and on... I now have 98 irons. Oh well, at least they'll go fast...

While there I caught this funny of us making clever boxes with the [/] code:

My favorite is [/addypickaxe] LOL! Right after this pic, I said I'd post it. :P

After it was done I prayered up my bones and then I set off to Alkarid to tan all the hides I had, and I had tons. I forgot I bought a task worth of blue hides off Nez a few weeks ago so I had 301 when I was done. As I was running back to the bank on one of the trips I saw 2 guys standing around the cacti, and a big black tree stump there. I found that a bit odd and was like "why is there a tree stump there..." Then I did a double take and realized AMG it's a s7 star!!!!

See? It kind of looks like a tree stump... Or maybe I'm just not used to seeing the star in Alkarid Bank... I was the only one who could mine it so I got to work while others showed up and the 2 guys, who had mining lvls in the 60's, waited for it to floof down to s6. I told Canting of my find and a couple Canters showed up to mine it.

I noticed that the star bleeds into the cactus and looks like it's melting into it. XD

After the star I got to work crafting all my hides. I played a few games of SC but just couldn't stomach any more so I worked with what I had and thanks to an effigy that I did for Yrrah this morning I ended up being 70k short. Two quick games of SC later and I had the tools I needed and finally I got the level most sought after and prized by all Crafters, besides 99:

Woooot! 97 Craft!! Only 2.3m xp to go until the big 99! I have no idea if Attack or Craft will be first but I'm putting bets on craft right now based on the time it takes. No more crafting pots for me, for reals! Woop woop!

After that I decided to hit Y Ffwrnais and smith up some more gold ore. I got my rocks and after about half an hour I popped out my 2nd big level for the day:

Woop woop! 84 Smiffin! One step closer to runite bars and completing the ardy elite task!

I didn't know what to do so I decided to grind out some hunter. However, I wanted a change from the usual Ornj Sallies that I do so I went to the Flutterbies and after an hour, the xp just melted away. I have a new favorite song on youtube that I listened to over and over all day long, and with my bearhead I was hunting in style! I got a couple action shots too:

"The Shrug"

"Raise Your Hands!"

"The Superman Pose"

"Releasing the Butterfly" -my favorite of the group.

I never thought I'd do it at the rate I was going but I am pro grinder so I got my level!

Woooooot!! D imps be mine! I celebrated by heading to Puro Puro but there were no d imps there so after a while I went to Mos Le Harmless in some pwnclothes and a bunyip. I'm hoping I can catch one before I leave and I'll get some xp from junglyhorrors while I'm at it! I've already caught loads and got a lvl 2 clue from a horror so it's been awesome so far.

Woo it's late so it's time for bed. Tomorrow is a huge day but you'll find out more in tomorrow's post!

Until next time...

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