Thursday, September 9, 2010

Klunk Klunk

I got my hunter stones!

Ugh, I don't feel like playing much lately... I'm uber busy with school and I have a slayer task that I don't like (blue drags) so I am always doing other skills to avoid it. Once I get around to finishing it and get a better task I'll be fine. :P

Today me, Tanya, and Tripplurface decided to get our hunter stones at falconry. I woulda gone Grenwalling but I had no Raw Pawya Meat. Tripp had to leave after a while but me and Yaya marched onward with birds on our arms.

I managed to get both of mine. Woot! It took a long time but I am now close enough to 83 hunter that I feel like grinding some butterflies or orange sallies. :D When I left to watch my favorite show, Yaya was still trying for that 2nd stone but we had a great time chatting as always. ^^

I have 2 quizzes tomorrow, one which I am nervous about. Eeeek! Time to listen to some music before I go to bed and solidify a ton of terms in mah mind. Oh, and shower some time in all that. Gross. Fast pace and no space. At least it will be Friday and I'll be done for 2 days after that!

Until next time...

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