Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ivy Ivy Ivy

Today I didn't feel like doing much on RS. I didn't bring my lappy so I played a little when I got back before going off to do real life. However I did get Jeffrey Peak started on Swept Away so that I could get me some yummeh Goulash at the end and boost something.

After doing it the 3rd time I finally got a picture of this saying which can totally be turned around into a huge TWSS. It's not as funny with a guy, but hilarious nonetheless!

That's what she said!!!!

Anyway I left for a while and came back later to chop some ivy while I did my music homework.

I gotta memorize all these songs and composers... :o Oh well, I am loads more confident on this quiz than the last one so I should get a much better grade. Oh what a little preparation can do! :D

I managed to get three separate funnies from one block of text so I have broken them down:

I busted out the LJ so that I could get more xp and level faster. Then I remembered why I hate wearing it. :P

Of course this led to Flipper talk and then at the end after I put on my LJ hat I laighed because my buggy eyes were in fact even more buggy. Ahahaha they look weird!

Finally, I have to memorize composers and pieces so I got to work. I gave Fred a very brief description of Lully using facebook terms. XD

And finally.....

Whoa! The drunken Dwarf totally wandered up to me! I haven't seen this so called updated random of him since they took him out like 2 years ago. I accepted the beer and kebab and ate/drank them up! A nice touch to a quiet evening. :P

Well I'd better go to bed so I am not dead tired tomorrow... I hope to get 2 skills to 90 tomorrow! Thanks to TWO mage seeds within 7 nests from my kingdom today plus 2 yews that 29k till will go by in a flash of tags. :D I also will get my chopchop up there. I have about 140k to go already!! That's just from a couple hours while doing homework! Exciting! :D

Until next time...

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