Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Quest and Some Levels

Today a quest came out. I have just not been in the mood for questing but once I learned that it was freeplay and replaced R&J I was more keen on doing it. Good thing I did, because I got some great conversations! Need I say more?

It was pretty good. I got to see a little dwarf totally stare at a big girl's chest while I kind of made the }:-| face in the foreground:

What kind of top is that?? You're lucky it's blue and not the color of your skin! Then we'd all be in trouble. XD And of course, awwww, happy ending!

Turns out they moved into Juliet's old house. They now replace cranky old Draul Leptoc and have taken over the place! They also let me engrave some fine jewellery and so I got 32,300 phr33 crafting xp! For the win!!! I was only very mildly impressed by the Swanky boots, but I think they'd go great with the right bright blue outfit. I used the lamp on prayer. I'm like 14k to 79, gotta be asked to do my blue drag task!

Having spotty internet earlier at school I couldn't really get on much and I didn't know what to do so I decided to do a floor or 2 so I chose like 22 and went with it. I got riftsplitter both times and I think he's become easier or I became stronger because he had nothing against my promethium rapier. I owned him without even coming close to dying both times! Plus, after the first one I got a nice little level!

Yay 66 Dunj! 4 more levels to 70!

After that I did the circus and got within 3k till 88 mage. Oh crap!!! I forgot to screenie the pic! I enchanted all my sapphire necklaces and emerald rings I've had piling up for like a year and that got me my level. I just remembered that I forgot to take a pic... Oh man, two missed mage lvls in a row... Not good. So I have no idea what I can do that's new but here is some proof I really got it. XD

See look I really got 88 Mage! XD

Oog... I am so tired... Hence my forgetfulness. Good night all! Sleep is calling and loud.

Until next time...

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