Friday, September 10, 2010


Not much happened... Had my quizzes... First one I totally bombed... oops :x At least now I know what to study and I will be doing much better now. :D I got an 80% on the 2nd one... Not great but still not bad considering I was allowed to use my notes.

I spent the day on RS lighting up Shilo and finally getting the pyro stones. I always feel like a Bot when I train fm... Looks so dumb. With that I was finally able to finish another statue and add two more halves to my house statue. Lookin good! I have fallen way behind, especially since actually having to DO con for the stones... :P Oh well, it's still a lot of fun and I enjoy Shattered Heart a lot.

Hmm I also slayed both the Skelehorror and Bork, and took a huge risk by doing it AT SCHOOL. :o I was fine and they are both pwnt. Thanks to my nifty toolbar I know that I can pwn Bork again but after w84 lagged me out for the 2nd time I decided that was enough RS for the night. Bork will be there tomorrow. Other than that I did some farm runs and that was about it.

I went to the annual arts fair in the park by my school with my daddy today during my 3 hour break between classes. It was a lot of fun and I thought of Merchy. She would love it. :D We're going to go again tomorrow and take my sister. Should be fun! I have my eyes on some tie dye things. :D Later that night, after I was freaking out about to explode from all the frustrations happening at once in real life, I was treated to dinner at Chilis. I totally stuffed myself and am paying for it now but man that was good salmon! Then me and my mom ran to the store before picking up my sister and heading home. Real life. Somewhat non blah. :P

I am uber tired so I'm going to bed. I'll be on tomorrow and hopefully I will feel motivated to finish my blue dragon task and go kill something else. I want fire giants ploooxxxxx!!! I leave with you this picture:

Make sure you follow Someone! XD

Until next time...

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