Wednesday, September 15, 2010


W00000t!! It only took several million more xp but tonight I FINALLY mined my first size 9 star!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Huge thanks to Tanya who is really into stars right now for scouting and motivating my to go! I'm glad I did. :D

Hmm today I did some more dunjuneering and st00f on my other accounts. That seems to be my thing now. What can you do with those old, extinct accounts that you just made for their names? You can send them off to play in Daemonheim! Whenever I play runescape just to chat and not to really do anything I log onto one of my "pures" (they're not really pures by definition but it's easier and more understandable to say than "other accounts) and go dunjuneering! XD

...or in Faerie Tana's case, camp like a noob at that oak and get 2-3 wc and fm levels every inventory, and pose with her bright white bugged eyes. XD I still love that outfit!

Today I did some dunjuneering on Jeffrey Peak and got some cool pics.

Green diamond door. Lesko Diamond approves. :D

I got a lvl 5 frostweb and went in sure I was going to pwn it ([/cocky]). Well, I didn't and died. XD Now that Jeffrey Peak has an identity, he also has his very own scowlyface emoticon I like to call Peakyface and it looks like this: }:-| Any variation is fair game, as long as it has a curly bracket for the furrowed brow. XD As Yaya said, "Frowny Jeffrey is even frownier."

Oog, I am tired. Oh, cuz it's almost midnight. Oops... Good thing I get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow! :D Good night all!

Until next time...

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