Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flail Mastery

The goal was to get 185 Vyres killed and burned and I actually managed to do it! I started out by killing them, which flew by pretty fast. I wish this was a slayer task!

After that I was off buying sacred oil. It cost a lot but... I'm not gonna go and sanctify 130-ish vials of 4-dose oil! I bought it by selling some rune legs and a rune plate, so I didn't really lose any cash. This part is the longest- burning them all gone!

However I got into a groove and Shelley and I were owning! I was moving up the flail ranks like crazy!

Finally I got down to my last one!! Lucky #500!!

I was expecting bells and whistles but I was satisfied with the records which confirm them all done! :D

Woot! I done it!!! I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a Morytania achievement diary and that mastering the flail is going to be on there, so while everyone is competing for vyre spots I can just be like *smug* and do whatever task it is. :P Man, I never thought I'd ever get 500 burned! Especially since when I started I was about 106 cb, training defence so that I could get 99. XD It literally took 5 minutes and at least 3 sharks to kill one. I am chopping through them like mad now! I gotta go try out my new and improved version! I should play TT!

Anyways after I got them all done I treated myself to the recessed walls. I got so many great goodies!
The vyres were proud of my work so I got 14 blood talismans (average of 2 per trip of 24 keys) AND!!! and and and I got TWO dragon spears almost in a row!!!!! Ehehehe!!! Happy dance! My dad was watching over my shoulder and just laughed. :P I also got a loop half, lots of good seeds, some rune items, and a couple torstol and snapdragon herbs. For the win! Just selling the blood talismans paid back what I spent on oil and then some so I was happy. I made a good mill off the stuff in there! :D

Such a good day! It feels great to have a mighty achievement mine!

I leave with you this picture from today. I was just playing around, checking hiscores, and happened across this. Such a lovely rank!

Holiday tomorrow! Another free day to sleeeeep in! So fun! Maybe I will get 81 Herby tomorry! :D

Until next time...

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  1. Gratz Pie on mastering "fail" and Vyres burning