Monday, September 6, 2010

Pie and Tanya's Awesome Adventures

Today started with me frantically herbloring in hopes I'd hit 81. I came close, but no such luck. I have found lots of odd penguins lately so I went to go cash in. I had 10 penguins points which wasn't bad and that got me exactly 20k xp. I am not sitting on just less than 7k till 81! Oh happy day when I can make my own brews!

I also realized that it was Monday, a holiday, and that I could run agility!! Woot! Me and Tanya headed on over and got our hour and a half in. It felt great to see everyone again! It's been like a month now since I ran with them, due to the busyness of skool! 15.2m xp and counting! :D

After a while I ended up doing an Alkarid star with Tanya. Once it was over I decided to unlock my lvl 65 dunjun in the Varrock sewers and convinced her to go with me. We had so much fun running all over the caves!

I finally found it and upon entering noticed 5 magic trees just sitting there with nobody on them. Ooo! I gotta go back someday and get me some logs!

Tanya decided to go on an epic quest to unlock music so I joined her for a bunch. We started off playing Fish Flingers, with Nez as our guide. It was soooooo confusing and I had no clue what I was doing but hey I got 3 tracks unlocked and they are great music!

I got last place... XD Yaya did much better, getting the heaviest fish and Nez won because he knew what he was doing the whole time. After that we went to unlock one of the most elusive tracks, "Tournament!" I have tried to unlock it before but only one server allows it and I had no clue what I was doing. We managed to somehow sign up and before long we were in, with the track officially ours! I got totally owned by my opponent but all I could care about was that I unlocked the track!

Hehe so then after that Tanya said she needed the shade catacombs song. Well I train on shades quite a bit (I was before vyres this dxpw) so I knew the ropes so I set off to help her learn it all. I told her to kill just a random shade off the street and as she didn't use serum 208 on the shop she couldn't buy any stuff so I just did that part for her. :P Soon I had some oil and maple log for her and 4 oiled up magic logs for me. I showed her how to light the pyre and then remembered sometimes they drop coins and not a key. Thankfully she got a key the first time. We were then off and she got her track. Yay! Black poisoned dagger for her! I got some fine cloth and stuff from mine which was pretty woot-worthy, especially since now I can make another splitbark helm. :P

Thennnnnnn Tanya said she still needed the Trouble Brewing song. Woooooot! As everyone knows I love pirates. The agility master is a pirate, the course I ran was in the city of pirates, and my favorite minigame, Trouble Brewing, is pirate themed. So I gave her some basic details and we were off! We soon got aboard and she picked it up in no time. I showed her flowers and getting water and getting monkey nuts first, because that part is hardest. After that most gathering is simple. As we went, I showed her more things and by the 2nd game (first full game) it was basically just me and Yaya running the show. Ugh, we had to do EVERYTHING for the team! I really can't wait until this game gets a facelift!

Of course we posed for a pic, and Yaya went back and bought a blue tricorn hat! :D

Hehe look at our hat hair, and look at my bugged out eyes! XD

After that excitement I left to watch my favorite show and then came back and did a couple small dunjuns with Jaxana. Man, she is a freaking tank! Killing lvl 128 things with no pro prayers like they're lvl 3! Our last floor she pwned the boss before I even got there! She rocks! I also used dunjuneering terminology for the first time. :o I finally have a grip on the skill! Even better, she knew what I meant without questioning and acted accordingly!

Well back to skool tomorry... I hope I'm not too tired! :P I really really really hope to get 81 herby tomorry. Cmonnnnn!

Until next time...


  1. Eh, five magic trees is way more than you'd ever need. Three is plenty if you chop in Lletya, and that's closer to a bank too. Plus the scenery is nice in Isafdar.

  2. It was fun dungeoneering!! I think it went fast since we're both the same combat level so we didn't get any crazy high beasties to kill.

    Give a shout anytime and we'll go on another spree.