Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Tiredness is kicking my butt so I haven't been doing much more than farming, crafting, or Dunjuneering on Jeffrey Peak. Today though... I broke 11m crafty xp, woohoo!!! I did some calculations in my head and I only need AT MOST 60 sc needles to get 99!! Woot woot woot! That's not even counting effigies or other means of crafting so as you can tell I am very excited. That means that it's really up to me and I can get 99 Craftypants like... in a week if I wanted! Rachy sent down a friend with a 95 craft effigy which I quickly gobbled up, then went to Heim to assist one more lucky dude, getting me more xp on top of the rewards from that quest yesterday. I also had a proto tool just screaming to be used so I used it up in some D leather.

By the way... Did you know that you can type in the middle of a word when buying something on the GE? When I was buying green d-leather all I had to type in was "n d-" and it would pop up. Well, they decided to change the name of it, as evidenced when that search yielded nothing. Ugh! It's now called Green Dragon Leather. Mildly annoying but at least "n dra" only gives me like 5 results so I can still easily get my leather. I still haven't run out of hides from the 7m I plugged in from my first whip almost 4 months ago.

Here is my secretless secret on how to craft on the cheap. I use what I call the "half-life method." Basically I plug in a certain amount of cash, in this case 7m, and get green leather. That's leather and not dhide. I don't tan my own hides unless it's from my task. Anyway, I then make green bodies until I run out and then sell those bodies back to the GE. They have a high alch price so they sell instant in bulk and with double xp from needles I lose about 1/4. I then take that money and buy more green leather and repeat until I either run out of needles or hides. I've kept it afloat for so long because I save, tan, and craft all hides I get from slayer tasks and then sell them and add that money to my green body pile. I also sometimes randomly sell things like herbs (or like today my stack of over 5k Mith knives for like 700k) and add that to the pile too. Because of this it literally has hovered around 1.2m for months!

I'll likely run out of that pile before I hit 99 unless I sell some more things like herbs but I have quite a bit of raw cash now so it won't be a problem. :D With dxpw all settled down again I am going to get back on that leather and craft it up! I also have a blue dragon task that I haven't started yet which will help a ton with cost. Plus it's a blue task so I'll get a lot of xp! Eeeee excited!!!!

So yeah that's where I hope to be headed this month. I have decided to get 99 the same way I got 99 cooking which means that a lot of people won't be able to go but after considering how to do it this is the way I want to go about it. So look out for a Trouble Brewing announcement soon. :P Of course after that I am going to parade all over and get my cape and all that fun stuff. Don't worry, I plan to have a huge party for 99 Attack that everyone can go to. As always, expect a culinary masterpiece in celebration. XD

Man, who woulda thought I would really get craft before con! I certainly didn't... I don't even remember when the switch happened but I was heavily influenced by cost. Craft is cheaper because of the half life method. After that I'll be living in my house for a while! :P

I leave with you this picture of Jeffrey Peak staring ponderingly at a dunjun door.

I was getting so owned today... That is, until I accidentally walked into the boss room on my last run. Walked in on Planefreezer without a spear! Shocking! All I had was a huge, freshly made stock of water strike casts and a bag filled with Heim crabs. Well, surprise, I pwnt him with my water spells! That was a nice epic win and it got me 2 Dunj levels! I jumped from 13 to 15! Yay! Oh I love dunjuneering on freebies!

Well I am tired so it's time for bed and sleeping in! Late start Thursdays ftw! Gnight all!

Until next time...

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