Friday, October 23, 2009

Con Vs. Craft: Why I Chose Con

Way back when I was still in the process of getting 99 Defence, I suddenly went on a crafting binge. I had 72 at the time and was frustrated at my inability to craft my own slayer rings. I knew how, but I was handicapped by my level.

One day, I bought a ton of silver bars and crafted them. Ding! I had 75 in no time. I then realized that I quite liked crafting! A few weeks, many sacred clay needles, tons of dragonhide of all varieties, lots of penguin points, and a couple million coins later, it shot up to 87 where it stands today, about 2 months later. With a crafting potion, I can make everything in the game. If there is a high level update in the future I'll be well on my way prepared for it. In fact, I plan to get my ranged up on black dragons so I don't have to buy hides...

Why con? Well, with the inflation in the game, the price of dhide is soaring. However, the price of turning logs into planks remains constant at 250 per. Logs are dirt cheap and the price of the log + the 250 to plank it is less than a plank on the GE. Therefore, with my method, con is actually cheaper than craft. Of course, that's if I buy dhide to 99. With more coins in the game, I'll be able to level con faster than ever! Yay! Hooray oak doors! Ugh... Not really...

Anyways, I love the butler! All I do is stand there and let him do all the work for me! Here's what my inventory looks like when I train. There is absolutely no banking involved and I could stay here forever until all my sc hammers run out! All I need is money for the sawmill and all the logs and hammers to get a level.

All I do is use the noted logs on the butler and thanks to the update it says "unnote another 20 logs?" and then he comes back but instead of giving them to be another window opens that says "run to the mill (5000 gp)?" Two steps in one! I just stand there! Yes he needs to be paid every so often but who cares! This is cheap!! With inflation happening, more gold in my bank = faster 99 con!! :-D Of course I use sc hammers. I will see how many I need to get to a particular goal level and then go to town on those doors!

Today I woke up and did a ton of agility. I got about 60k XP before deciding to play a few rounds of SC. I needed about 6 hammers to go from 75-77 con. I've been building doors and removing them all evening and it was very rewarding.
I can mount a shark! Yay! Now I need to finally catch one... >.>
Finally, on the brink of exhaustion, I got 77... just in time to notice the mahogany scope is at level 84 and not 83, therefore I can't use saw + tea. Ugh! I have to use stew! Good thing I never threw out my orange spice and that I have plenty! :-D I love being a pack rat.

I'm way too tired to gather the 2 glass and 4 mog planks that I need plus getting my crystal saw back (it's still as chimes) and then playing roulette until I get a +4... Tomorrow though. Tomorrow I shall have my very own Fopscopes in my house. :-D

Until next time...

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