Thursday, October 22, 2009

Smithing Day and Glitch Pics

Last night after I finished posting, I decided to finally check out the living rock caverns. They're pretty neat! I am really loving the concentrated gold, which is what i was there for. It's like mining a star but instead of stardust you get gold!

Speaking of gold, I got to meet Timothy Gold in person today!
It was funny because I had just commented in chat how many farming capers were in Edgeville. He laughs and comes running up. I was busy turning the mountains of gold ore I had into bars with my beloved Goldy Gaunts. On my way to the anvils, the game experienced a quite-common graphical glitch that occurs when loading a new screen. Instead of the usual white grass and semi-seethrough trees:

...the bridge across the river went out. I walked on air LOL
Taking a tangent, here are some more glitch pics I've taken over the year. They're really funny!

This is what happens in rare cases when the camera goes behind a building at just the right angle. What you're looking at is the remains of the Catherby farm patch.

My dad told me of this tree in Karamja. I happened to run across it later. Coincidentally, this is one of the first pics of me ever taken with my brand spanking new Defence cape. It's probably less than an hour old! XD

One week, when getting a Dragontooth Penguin, I noticed this sinkhole on the Pt Phaz docks.

And, speaking of sinkholes, the next couple pics are a longstanding, and very funny, graphical glitch. It may even still be like that as I write this. One day, the Catherby Fishing Shop was damaged by a massive sinkhole.

If you notice, in chat I said "Something is horribly wrong with the Cathy <>< shop!" I'd say so. The western face has sunken a few feet.

Thereby cracking the walls and unfortunately the owner's stuffed swordfish. I'm standing on a steep incline.

This pic, with the roof all weird, is what caught my eye in the first place and led me to discover this massive sinkhole. I wonder which pipe burst and how much water he's wasting.

The funny thing is, there's a drain that leads right into the hole, and the pools where you obtain pet fish are at the bottom, which just adds to the soaking wet effect. I wonder what specias of mold will be growing on his walls before he finally repairs the soggy ground. This angle is facing east, so the Cathy beach is just ahead.

OK, getting back on topic, I was like 2k from 76 Smithing but just couldn't get it before school. I had a sc hammer left over from 75 Con so I used it to make some mith and addy bolts. Alas, it wasn't enough so I headed back to the living rock caverns and began mining away.

After a while, I looked up and saw the Living Rock Patriarch and nobody going after it! I ran over and began killing it. I wanted those diamonds! He barely touched me! I did the first half of battle with pro melee but after I took it off I took a total of 7 damage. This, my friends, is why I have 99 Defence. I took a pic of me mining its remains. I totally forgot to take a mid-action photo.

Hard to tell, but it's really the big one!

After I spun the resf of my gold ore into bars, I finally got this:Only 4 levels until I can make good armour, weps, picks, etc. Basically all the tools I can't make with the crafting skill I can soon do with "Smiffing."

After I got all 600+ goldbars done I started turning them into amulets. A size 7 Zammy Mine star got me a bunch of XP and gave me a break from the Edgy furnace. Then I wanted to do other things so I logged out. I should be much closer to 88 Crafting and be a little bit richer tomorrow :-)

Until then, this is FOP :-)

P.S. Gratz Kitt Fox on 99 Summoning!!!!! <3333

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