Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adventurer's Log and One Good Drop!

So yesterday I heard about the Adventurer's Log thing so I checked it out.
Hehe I've been playing for near 4 straight MONTHS. What's funny is compared to my friends, this hardly makes half of what they have done. XD I like how all of my achievements are levelups and that they are quite diverse. I also unlocked 600 songs thanks to the halloween event and even unlocked Dagonnoth Dawn! I volunteered to suicide on Dag Rex in exchange for him pointing me in the right direction to unlock that pesky track! Yay! Double success! Today the friend's achievements was spammed with my friend's killings of Dag Rex. LOL! My pic is pretty good... I had no idea about the body shot. Good thing I had my agile outfit on!

Today I didn't really do a ton... Just finished up the firegiant task and as it was task #149, I went to Lapalok instead of Sumona to get the uber slayer point reward after #150. I was really dreading whatever yucky task he would give me. I was hoping he would be nice. He gave me Gargs.

Woooooot!! 185 Gargs to kill! I love Gargs! They're pretty easy to kill for me and I think I summed up nicely what I think of them a couple months ago:

Pardon my reign as the typo queen, but "Gargs are like magic Kinder-Eggs. You break them open and there's goodies inside!"

I got to work breaking these eggs and got the 3 steel bars drop. I thought it was a granite maul at first... Then a few kills later I got a funny-looking drop. It looked like a weirdly-shaped steel bar. I right clicked it and realized it was a Gmaul!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooot!!!!! Extra 335k for me!!! :-DOf course I remembered to actually take an obligatory pic before I picked it up :-)

I used the money from it and the drops from firegiants to take with me to my house where I got started on 100 oak doors. Maybe 78 Con will become of it tomorrow :-)

Until next time...


  1. What are you gonna do with all those Slayer points? :)

  2. LOL use them to cancel tasks I don't feel like doing...