Saturday, October 24, 2009

Very Merry 99 Summoning Kitty!!!!

Today started with me scrambling to put in my Mahogany Telescopes. The first step was to turn my chimes back to a saw:Once that was done, I had to collect the ingredients for/cook my stew and make me some glass and then I was off to "cut da special wood" to get me logs for planks.
After much scrambling, and forgetting my hammer, and after much eating of spicy stew, I finally was able to get both of my Mahogany Telescopes installed. At level 77. Woohoo!!

With that done, I went back to Abyssal Demons in hopes of a whip. I didn't get one, so I went and did most of my firegiant task, blah blah blah. I got this though:
Yay!! Total level 1899. Wowie! Oo and I can do stuff at this level!

Anyways, this morning my friend told me she was having a party tonight. "But what for?" I asked. She then told me it was for 99 Summoning.

WHAT???@$*&$*$ Last I heard, it was "Oo I think I have enough charms for 98!" Wowie!!

Finally, the time came, and Kitty Molly did indeed get 99 Summoning. Congratz Kitty!!!!!!!!!! And of course, being the cameraperson that I am, I got loads of pics. Enjoy the kewtness!

First everyone gathered at the obelisk. Kitty's the one with the red pigtails middle top.

There was much dancing and spinning as we waited for people to show up :-)

I recorded the event on my phone. Note to self, always safely remove hardware. I didn't... The video is gone. *headdesk* Oh well, it was probably for the better XD Too bad I missed all of the spam except my lone green "wooooooot." I am still in shock that she has 99 Summoning o.O

We all piled outside to witness her in all of her kewtness as she performed the awesome emote. Apparently she has never seen it before! Even better! This is Kitty Molly's 6th cape, the other 5 being Def, Att, Hp, Str, and Slayer. She loves killing things! :-P

After I moved my house to Taverly, all the guests dropped by for a party! There were summons everywhere! Of course, Kitty brought along her new friend :-)

We all gave my brand new dungeon a spin while Ed enjoyed a massage in my tentacle spa.

Kitty Molly is sooooooo kewt!!!!!!!!

As the party died down Kitty and Cat decided to have a "pillow fight in the mud" while the steel titan spent its time destroying the tentacles.

It was a great day! What an amazing achievement! In my opinion Summoning is one of the hardest skills to get to 99 because of the time and money involved. It's no fast skill until you have giant stockpiles of charms. Then it goes by in the blink of an eye! Kitty and Ed have dubbed Slayer "Charm-Collecting" and she certainly has gotten mounds of charms!

Gratz again Kitty Molly!!!! Enjoy your awesome cape!

Full Of Pie <33333

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