Saturday, October 31, 2009

Exotic Level Sampler + Two 99 Parties!!

What a productive Halloween! After sleeping in, I got up and began my epic sampler of leveling most of the skills that I needed less than 100k XP till.

Of course that meant starting with Agility. After a short while I got this:For the win!!!

I then went to the chef's guild *Elite* bank stove place and proceeded to cook all 1500 swords I had left. While doing that I got kidnapped by Damien and got this amusing star-jump shot:
Free genie!!

After a short while that felt like FOREVER, I got this:

I definitely prefer skills where I move around. Cooking got boring in a hurry. After I got it, I cooked my 20 manta rays I had laying around from the Ardy Trawler adventure. I felt bad cooking them and I couldn't eat them because I think they're cute so I sold them. I'm such a girl. I mean, I think the Monkfish on RS are absolutely adorable.


I mean, who can't say no to this adorable face?
Funny enough, this looks very much like the real deal:
I still think it's adorable.

Ok, back to my post...

I then went to the GE to prepare to get the stuff from my kingdom. While there, I noticed some people doing their cape emotes but lagging them in such away that they were performed while sitting. Most were kind of lame but I found the fishing one to be pretty funny.
Nothing like a fish in your face and wet tassets...

My kingdom produced many many maple logs which would be my fuel for two levels. I ended up getting another spirit seed which makes one in the ground and two in the bank! o.O I think the spirit tree is way too cute to dig up... I dunno what to do now... :-(

Anyways, I was off to Mobilising Armies where I spent a very small chunk of time lighting fires in a row and soon enough got this:Yay!! I can do important things at this level! Even better, it's one level closer to 85 and 92 :-)

After that I was invited to a misc star where a fellow clan member, Jabbewoky, got 99 mining- his first 99. Wooooot gratz!!
It was pretty low key but I was happy to be there. I've rarely seen him outside the Edgeville furnace ever LOL!! He's the guy all the way to the left in mid-jig.

When the star was over I played a couple games of SC to get tools to level a few skills. First up was con...
I'm gonna go absolutely crazy as I go for 99... It may be fast but man is it isolating...

Then I went to the bank where I used a bit more of my maple stack from the week to finally level fletching, a skill not leveled since 1701. Yay I can *not* do anything new...
At least with sc hammers it went by fairly quickly... I think I'm going to string the bows and try to sell them to an alcher.

After that it was time for the real moneykiller of a level: 88 Crafting. The black d-leather cost me 2.2M... Ouch! At least when I sold back the bodies it ended up costing 600k...
Wow. I leveled 6 skills in one day. Woot!

I was going to go to bed after heading back to Barbarian Agil when my friend Armydude surprised me by saying he was getting 99 ranged. Of course I had to go!!!! I quickly ran to the range guild where he was going to level on a chicken.

Istrkuout 27 was there to model the hand cannon.

Finally the big moment arrived and Armydude got 99 Ranged!! :-D
Afterwards we began what would soon become a wild party of emotes, starting with the Bat Cluster:
Now that I finally have this emote I love to use it!

That then moved on to doing a wave of the freeze emote, which quickly led to us running to Catherby Beach to show off. LOL!!Doing a synch freeze, with Armydude in the middle lol

Haha, I consider myself a terrible leader and a very passive person in real life, but on RS, I always end up leading all sorts of things, like this emote party! LOL!


Just for fun I'll name the shielders. Me, Istrkuout 27, Armydude07, Bass Daddy, Sir Kehn, Shad0w527, and Samuel Rowe1. There were others in other pics too and we all had fun LOL!!

The day ended with me making this blog whilst fishing sharks on a relatively tame Catherby Beach. Before I go, Twilight, this is for you:

Haha I was fletching when randomly he pm's me "Does the quest cape have a hood?" He never knew it did! I laughed and told him I'd take a pic. BTW, this small bank pic is what turned up with I searched the letter "Q." We have a calquat sapling, calquat seeds, quest hood, questcape, and calquat kegs... LOL!

Twilight (aka "gym bag boy") is getting 99 Agility and just broke 8m XP. We like to run together and I'm so glad I actually have a friend to run it with! I've mentioned him before too. He's really a lot of fun <3>

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