Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Official...

Agility beat Crafting in XP!!! :-D And if you're wondering, here it is!
Look at that! 1882 total, only 2 skills not at 70+... and a big sparkly 99 Defence sandwiched between a very nooby Attack and a slightly-less-nooby-but-still-nooby Strength. I can't believe I'm ranked in four digits on Agility! Heck 99 Def has put me at 49k, which is about 25 servers worth of people. Only 6 stats have less than 1m XP and someday they'll all be up there... Oo! Notice anything? Check out my woodcutting! :-D
That's right! I got 80 today!!! Today I logged in, did a ton of Agility, decided (and failed) to get 66 Hunter using falconry...
and then after a mining guild star was going to use my spirit tree to go back to the gnome course. Well, a homegrown spirit tree has no right click teleport option so you actually have to talk to it. When I did it asked me if I was here to help dispatch the evil tree. Woot! I went, found out it was a yew, teled back for my hatchet/machete/tinderbox/kindling, and was off cutting and burning away. After the tree I logged for a bit and then returned to a different world where I again found out there was another evil tree. This one was a mage! With 55% health left!! Woohoo!! So I went to town on that one too! After cutting it down and using my Lep magic on oaks, I discovered that I was 97k until 80 WC. Wowie! I reluctantly and yet excitedly ran over to the Falador ivy and chopped it to bits for an hour and a half until, finally, I got 80.

Woooot!! I can now chop class 5 trees in Stealing Creation!!!! All I have left to get to 80 is Hunter... Ugh... I got a couple nests from it and the evil trees/oaks, and a loop half. Haha. I have 4 loop halves now... The seeds were pretty good- maple, pineapple, willows, and a papaya :-D As I went to sell them I found a ton of stuff in my bank that I didn't want. Time to sell mountains of stuff! Upon discovering a crapload of ruby bolt tips I bought some addy bolts, fletched tips, and then enchanted and sold them. I made about 500k from all my "junk" I didn't want :-D

After that I was finally ready to get back to Agility and get it higher than craft. It wouldn't take long- it was by now 5k behind. Right as I was about to hit the course my friend who is also going for 99 Agility logged in. We ended up running some Barby together and, being the photographer I am, snapped a ton of pics. Enjoy!
LOL It took a little bit of coordinating but we did it! He's much closer to 99 Agility than I am. He has 92 and I have 87 although I'll probably get 88 tomorrow. I have about 140k till... We both have an untrimmed skillcape- me having Def and him having Woodcutting. How awesome that we're both trimming it with Agility!! :-D

I think I am officially crazy. o.O

Until next time...


  1. Awesome pictures, but how come your friend is not wearing flippers on the course? :)

  2. Hey, better see my pic on hear soon. =P