Friday, October 30, 2009

Lesko Diamond Pays a Visit and More!

Today, I had a little time to play RS at school but not a ton, so I decided to be bold and take Lesko Diamond (known on RS as Lesko Dymond) through the halloween event. Even though I play on him like once a year, I felt he deserved the cape. LOL! So, I was off to do the h'ween event a second time.Taking someone who so loves green on an obstacle usually inaccessible deserved a pic.

He also needed to announce his presence in a bold statement and rock his green eyebrows.

Cobwebby beds were just as funny the second time around...

Finally I was done and Lesko Diamond was off to enjoy his cape, one of the only wearable things in his bank account. He had full green robes but alas they were bought during the one month when he was a member so he can no longer wear them. :-(

To find out why Lesko Diamond loves green, click *here.*

Anyways, after I got home I got to work on agility. After many unsiccessful attempts to run it, I am finally down to the last 40k until 89. I keep getting distracted with other things which is totally fine by me. I would get 89 tonight but I really don't want to push myself too hard. As I was running, I logged into Canting to discover Merch Gwyar was on (at 1am??!?!?) and that Jagex was apparently hosting some party at clanwars on a free world. This big party began to die down so I decided to go, in full agile/skiller gear, to pay a visit.

My weapon, as it is mems along with everything else I was wearing, was rendered useless so I was doomed to kick my opponents. Hehe... I got a kill finally but because I was wearing members only Agile Clothes I was basically naked. A player by the name of Sir Nerdsy kept attacking me and thanking me for the free xp. He noticed my cape and told me he was going for 99 Def as well. I was more than happy to oblige and was killed several times. It was a lot of fun! Sir Nerdsy, if you're reading this, go you!!! I can't even imagine getting a 99 completely in freeplay... I was f2p for a grand total of a month before I got mems... That was over 3 years ago lol!

In this pic we see Merch Gwyar with what I thought was a Sara Sword (lol, really a rune 2h), me fighting Sir Nerdsy, and another kind player named Eivuli in the background. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the heads-up, Merch!

I went back to agility afterwards and was majorly distracted by writing a post for my other blog, hence it took like 3 times as long for the XP to melt away.

On the menu for tomorrow is 89 Agil first off... Then I'll be about 3/4 done with my 85-90 agility goal! At this level I stop failing Gnome so I'll just do that until 90 when I can legitimately do the Barb course.

Also up is 91 Cooking. Yes, I hate cooking now but I was close and with 91 I can take better advantage of Chef Delight when making Summer Pies (lol which I no longer need). I bought 2150 raw swords for about 1.3m and got through almost 1k... Way to go me! Ugh... Maybe I should just go for 99... The thought of standing in the cook guild for a long time does not sound fun though... >.<

78 Con is on the menu too. I'm 75k from it which is a hammer and a half so two games from SC. Fast? Yes. Boring? You betcha. Worth it? Absolutely. I should get some money first before I go and do it though...

After looking, I'm pretty close to a FM level. Maybe I'll go and get 79. I know I have a large stash of maples from my kingdom that I can burn. I also looked and 77 Smithing is close to a level too. Maybe I'll head on over to the living rock caverns and get me tons of gold. Then I can craft amulets and maybe get 88 craft! Oh joy joy joy!

So look out for 1900 total level to quickly be replaced with something along the lines of 1905! Woot!

Until then, I'm tired. Goodnight!

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