Monday, October 12, 2009


Well, something unexpected and exciting has happened today!! Look!!!
Woohoo!!! After spending all my crimson, green, and gold, and about half of my blues, I can now use Hydras (woot!), Make a c5 Summons (HUGE WOOT!!!!) and raise a Raccoon (Woop woop!!!)!!

Of course, my biggest freak-out was over the Raccoon, as I have been wanting a coffee-colored raccoon since I started summoning. My friend Manly and I went out to catch one:
I got my color on the first try!! Yay!!!!! After a quick debate over a name, Kitty won. His name is Robin :-)
I am so happy!!

Also, I am wearing my Defence cape today in honor of getting 99 Defence one month ago today! Has it really been that long?? Didn't I just get it? Woot!! Woot times two!!!!!!! So, no 88 Agility tonight but trust me it's in the works. I did a ton today over at Barb but I'll still alternate between the two because it's fun to change it up and Barb is a lil faster.
In other news, real life is happening and I am getting sick again :-( I am also quite tired so I'll end it here :-) Looking forward to tomorrow!! :-D

Until next time...

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