Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ardy All Done!

Well, except for the elite (obviously) I have the Ardy diary all done! The reward of an XP lamp with an unusual and high number was perfect to use on Prayer! Let's just say my total level is 1895 now :-D
Afterwards I celebrated by running some agility. There was a fellow construction caper there by the name of Fat Poison and I got this shot of us:I'm getting better at my photography. Haha!

After a while I was getting bored of agility, due to wanting to train con. So, I decided to be a noob and pack up some wild pies and head over to abyssal demons. I was able to kill a bunch and even got a tooth then loop half of a key! Instant crystal key and free glory for me! These demons are very weird...
After my pies ran out I decided to finish my greater demon task. I got a loop half from one too, lol. I really want to get my attack in line with my strength so I can set the whip back on shared. I wanna break 14m Defence xp!! Finally I finished the task. It was #148. Wow! That's a ton of slayer! My next task is 178 fire giants. Woooot!!

OK, you're probably wondering how I managed to win at Castlewars since I hate it. Well, to be honest, I "cheated." A friend and I went to a quickchat world and played 1 on 1. LOL! It took me a good 5 minutes to wander to the base and pick up the flag and then another few minutes to find where to put the dang thing. I had a terrible time trying to climb up the tower. And, speaking in only quickchat is extremely awkward. Oh, and I then had o figure out the cannon which didn't take too long. Of course my friend owned me with his bone bolts and I didn't even kill him... Hey, I got 2 tickets out of the deal... Only like 5 more and I can get an armour set for my house. I justify my cheating by playing a legit game of trawler yesterday. Haha. The rest of the tasks were easy.

Now I can do the elite tasks! I can do one of them already. That would be "catch a manta ray" so I should probably go do that. Too bad it didn't count when I actually played trawler... Oh well...

Then, I got distracted by a Karamja star so I parked at Shilo with Qihao. We modeled our capes of course:

The star ended up being in Crandor so after a long hike I was there and it was mined. Ugh I am exhausted today! Can you tell? Early to bed for sure!

Until next ti... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


  1. Just found out this blog on RSRD. I like how you organise this, good pictures etc. I might be reading it from now on. ^^ Keep it up.

  2. Eh, don't think you finished the diary. The Elite tasks are still there. They got me stumped too, can't see myself getting smithing up to 91 and rc up to 75 anytime soon.