Monday, October 26, 2009

1900 + Halloween = Party!!

This morning, I dragged my WOW-playing friend over to my compy where I excitedly got 85 Mining at a very crowded Living Rock Caverns. He didn't understand the significance as much as I did but he was happy for me! XD

Wait a sec... Did Avicile Mohaili say 85 MINING???#@^$@#%R! Holy cow!!!She did!!!!! Runite is mine! Plus, what's even better, 1900 total!!!!!!! Hooray hooray hooray!! Continuing the tradition I started at 1700 of screening every 100th level, I took a screenie of my lovely 1900 stats. :-)

I'll even put up the last two to compare!

Starting with the 1900...

I got 1800 on July 23
I got 1700 on May 31 :-)
So let's see... in about 5 months I've gotten 15 Summons, 17 Agility, 18 Craft, 16 Con, and 11 Farm levels among other things. I've gotten all skills 60+, a Questcape, and a Defence cape in that time. It's easy to see which skills I went on binges with, like Agility, Craft, etc. Haha!

I then returned home from school since my next class was canceled and logged in to discover the Halloween event finally up! Yay!! I immediately set off to complete it and I loved it! It was great! I got TONS of pictures as well, just for kicks :-)

I started out by tackling the big web, with about 2,000 other people.

After making it to the center, I began playing on the jungle gym of a second floor. I even ran into some big spiders!

This spiderweb course reminded me tons of Gnome Extended! It had the "swing-to" poles...
And a version of the signpost run!
This sentence made me laugh hysterically. It's just so... Epic!
After throwing cobwebs on everything I got utterly pwnt by the Grim Reaper's dog. 1-hit KO!
For whatever reason, I was also highly entertained by the cobwebs on the bed. It's like a cross between kinky and kewt... LOL!
I loved that "clock" wouldn't do. They were all "Death Clocks" hehe :-D
Finally, this quest was complete and i got an awesome looking cape and an adorable spider as my reward! Eek now lives in my awesome house :-)
I then threw on a spooky outfit and began smithing the 1k gold ore I got mining when something orange caught my eye. It couldn't be a pumpkin peng! Wooooot!! It was!! :-D I about died from the cuteness of it XD
Happy Halloween!!
Time to craft all that gold into amulets and then sell and probably run some agility :-D

Until next time...

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