Monday, October 19, 2009

Dungeon Phase 1 Complete and Agility Fun

The morning started off with me building oak door after oak door. Of course, not before playing 3 games of SC. I wanted 75 con!! I have completed the floor plans for my dungeon and have 5 more rooms planned to add onto it. The only problem is I have maxed out rooms so I have to actually get a higher con level to go forth. I actually was able to build another room at 74 but the room I really wanted was a treasure room so......Ta-da!!! 92 or some oak doors later I emerged victorious, and 5k short, to buy a treasure room. As I was running to the bank, I saw the all-familiar ring of dots just outside. Woohoo! Free chanced-upon Yanille star! If you notice, it's in the background of my 75 con pic. LOL! Finally, after gathering up some money and supplies (red dye, oak planks, and candles) I was off to complete phase 1 of 5 of my epic dungeon. I present to you the future home of my pet steel dragon, who I still need to find the perfect name for!
I decked the room to my liking (yes the wooden crate is just my style) and one day a steel dragon will be here instead of me cheering. Haha :-D

After that I spent some time doodling around. I remember going to my kingdom to trade out herbs for coal, as I need money. I got a lot of seed nests and one of each bird egg. LOL! I even got another spirit tree seed! I have no idea what to do with it... My spirit tree is far too adorable to ever dig up, even for 20k xp.Of course, getting one of each god bird egg, I had to take a pic. I made me some pots which ever so slightly nudged me towards 75 Herby... Ugh, I'll never get there without spending tons of money for mass raw materials! What's worse is I have over 800 crushed nests and 500 toadflax in my bank haunting me...

After that I became aware of an approaching Fally star. Being late, I hung out in Rimmington with another peep. I've had amazing luck with being where the star falls lately and this one didn't let me down. After what felt like forever the star did indeed fall in Rimmington. As I went to click it, I lagged. What an awful time to lag! Oh well. It was cut short by dinner after which I made pots and again found my way in Edgeville giving them away to random people. (Pak Yak Pyramid!!)

My friend, who was skulled, got himself poisoned and died. I blessed his grave because I can so he spent some time hiding inside of it. I gave him lots of pots and a bunch of range and super str pots to a random peep. It happened to be his birthday too. Nice!

I noticed two people with Agility capes and about half a zillion with Defence capes. I was amazed at how prominent stuff like agile clothes becomes when you are trying for a 99. Haha it seemed like everyone had them! My friend Twilight, who is well on his way to 99 Agility himself, was patiently awaiting my return to the barbarian course. I PM'd him telling him that there was a fellow agil caper in the bank. Turned out to be his good friend, Locker Rooms. We met and quickly teled to the course to have a big party! Twilight knows about my blog so we took a ton of pics! The look on the other agility runners' faces as three people jumped off the roof (appeared from the sky) in unison was priceless.

The pic of just me was epic, the pic of me and Twilight was even more epic. This pic of the three of us has blown the epic meter right out of the water! The fun then continued as I got another angle:

Ownage times three!!!

Of course a party would not be complete without a triple cape emote!
It looks pretty awesome, even if Locker Rooms is in the sky!
The last pic I took was the three of us on the log. It took forever to get all of us on it, without me falling off! I feel so nooby everytime I fail the lvl 30 obstacle...

Speaking of agility, today has been one month since I got Agile Fever and decided to train my pixels off in something that I found to absolutely love. One month ago I was level 72 and had about 900k xp. Today I am 88 and have about 4.5m xp. I've more than quadrupled it and as soon as I hit 90 I'll have the liberty to train on any course I so freely choose with just Enhanced Excalibur in my inventory. I can't wait to be free from the grasp of Summer Pies and Agility Pots! One thing has remained constant throughout this month: the flippers. Man do I love those flippers! I think they help me! :-D

Here's to another wonderful month of Agility to come, plus several Construction levels as well! If I get 1m xp a week (doable with winter holidays coming up) I'll have 99 Agility in January. As for con, I found that if I buy oak logs from the GE and plank make them myself with the help of my awesome butler, 99 will cost me less that 30m. Thirty. Wow!! That's totally doable! The oak logs themselves to 99 are a little over 6m. It's turning them into planks that will take an additional 24m LOL! And of course, My pet dragon comes with a pretty pricetag of 10m, and then there's the rooms and furnishings and I still need a greater magic cage and a gilded marble altar and... Auuugggghhh!!!

Until next time, this is Pie, training Agilicon all her hours! :-)

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  1. Massecure36020 October, 2009

    I know! Name your steel dragon fluffy! :) What a cute name for such a cute creature ;)