Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Epic Day!!!

Well, I had no school today and was sick anyways so I played Runescape all day. It started out with me doing that Bloodvelds task. When I am in a ranging mood (which is like never lol) I take the super secret tunnels to the Mutated Velds under Meiyerditch.I bought 1k Mithril knives and 1k unfinished broad bolts to get this done. The knives went fast and I found that I like the broads better anyway because they hit so much harder. My max went from 8 to like 25. As I was ranging away, I noticed that the XP to my next Ranged and Slayer levels were getting smaller and smaller. Then, without warning, the fireworks flew. Then this happened:

I made those sound effects in real life... LOL! No really, I am soooooo excited!!! 80 Slayer!! I can now kill something new!!! Even better, I can be a pie noob and try my hand at an Abyssal Demon!!! I have 50 wild pies cooked and waiting for me. Hehe.

Not five minutes later and the fireworks flew again. This time I got this:
Yay!! One more level! After a bit, me and two friends went star hunting away from the main clan and world and Kitty got finders on a S4 in Gnome Stronghold. PGT stars are my favorite! It was Merx's first time taking Piscatoris so he was pretty excited too. I always take Elf because, well, I can! :-D

I finished my veld task (finally!!!!!) and went to Sumona for another. She gave me Fire Giants. I think she's onto my quest for ranging levels! Woohoo!!!!!! I grabbed my stuff and headed out to the waterfall dungeon where I managed to get 4 out of the 5 firegiants to half health before another would attack me. It's a pain waiting for them to stop being autoagressive. Once all was calm I pretty much just ranged away. I got two "toof halves" which made me incredibly happy because I have 4 loops halves now. They were within literally 30 kills! Guthix is on my side tonight. Finally, the moment arrived. The entire reason why I had been training Ranged was here.
I am no longer handicapped by Ranged. Woooooot!!! Haha after 99 Defence, getting 200k xp in a combat skill is easy as pie! I should buy a hand cannon now as a present to myself. They look hawt! Right after, a star landed in BH in the chat homeworld so I hopped and slipped into the circle unnoticed. I got some xp, turned in my dust, opened the crystal chest twice (got 100 coal + 2k and spinach roll), and flew to Lletya to start the new quest.

Woohoo!! Never (well since Rocking Out) have I been more excited to have a quest in yellow! I hope it's worth the ranging I did. What's better, I didn't soulwars it like I said I was gonna! I legitimately got that Ranged XP and got mounds of Slayer and HP xp along with it :-D

So that's about all I did today. I'll do the quest before school tomorrow :-) I've heard good things about it and it seems to be more of a continuation/revelation about the storyline than a quest that gives access/new stuff. Excellent!

Until tomorrow, this is one happy ranger :-)

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  1. Well someone sure had a busy day! Congratz on 80 slayer (what an accomplishment!) and also 75 range :).

    Have fun doing the quest tomorrow! Sure looks like fun, although I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.