Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Sampler

Today I hopped into Canting where I chatted with many peeps. Fellow blogger Timothy Gold was there so that was kinda cool to actually talk to him! :-)

Not very long after I got on, I got this:That's right. 88 Agility. Oh. My. Goodness. Only 11 more levels... 11 more... 11....

After that, I wanted to do something different so I decided to check my kingdom. I last set it Saturday. I figured getting the st00f a day early wouldn't matter so off I went. I got quite an amazing haul!I set it to herbs for this week to hopefully get 75 Herblore. Sadly, I had no such luck so I'll give it another week before going back to coal. Yes, that's 37 seednests, 2 sara eggs, and 14 ringnests. That seed is a marentill seed. I looted my seeds and got this:

When that magic seed came out I about fell out of my chair. Woooot!!! I also got 2 yews and a palm. Yay!! More farming for me! I then sold everything but the palm, yews, mage, and willows and used that money to buy secondaries for my herbs. It didn't get me a level but I got a good amount of XP (30k+) from the potions and made a nice profit.

After that I decided to fletch for a bit. I got about 300 maple longbows done before I got bored of it. LOL! No 99 fletching anytime soon for me. I just kind of want 80. I mean, it's been stuck at 77 for so long... If I string all my maples I'll get 80 easy. Ugh.

So, then I decided to sample some combat. It's been forever (yesterday) since I've done any fighting so I got all geared up and met my dad down at the Waterall Dungeon where I proceeded to whack some fire giants around. I really need some attack levels... I have 76 still.
Soon, the opportunity for a star once again arose. I was a Kandarin star and I called my usual spot of Port Khazard, because I can do this:
The darker rock next to those tin rocks is me, wearing a ring of stone. My white dot is on the mining icon on the minimap which makes it hard to notice me. I love hiding!

It fell in the coal trux mine wayyyy north so I ran to the tower of life fairy ring to mcgrubor's woods and was there in no time. I love fairy rings! I also love stars. I got a fair bit of XP off it and now I'm about 120k from 85 Mining! Woo, a big one! Runite here I come! ...soon...

After the star I was getting rather tired and decided to stop for the day but not before having some emote fun with my dad.
I can just hear the Riverdance music everytime I do this emote now. Haha! Boy are we hawt or what!His name isn't Bass Daddy for nuthin! We can play a mean air guitar! Haha!

Until next time...

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  1. Massecure36017 October, 2009

    Sounds like a fun day! That reminds me - I haven't checked my kingdom for a while!