Sunday, October 18, 2009

Of Cons n' Things

Today I didn't really know what I wanted to do so I decided to follow up with my previous post and actually play some *shudder* Stealing Creation and get enough tools for 74 Con. After a bit of agility, I found myself in Edgeville, where I was going to the GE to get supplies to remodel my house a bit, when I spotted two people in trimmed Defence capes training curse on the skeletons across the Wildy ditch. Having on my Defence cape for once I ran over there shouting "Defence brothers!! :D" in hopes I could get a pic of us. They were nice and we chatted a bit and I was indeed able to catch this awesome pic.
spoon in ear and Zouten kushu, this pic is for you! Sadly I did not remember the name of the fellow guy in the Strength cape but he was showing off his just-redeemed quest cape while still in full mourner. Haha :-D He's friends of at least one of the fellow Defence capers though.

So after I bought some stuff, I swapped a bedroom in my house for another quest hall, because I relocated my bedroom. Now that corner of the house looks slightly cooler. LOL! I also added a few other things to the study next door. Then it was time to *shudder* play SC, but not before pausing to hop and mine a nice, remote Lunar star with a few clan mates. I got some good XP and was happy. Plus I had a drawn-out cutlass battle with a Suqah and got a long bone drop. Free con xp!

Once at the (not) wonderful world of Stealing Creation I was off to get 120 points. I had 12 to start with so I figured it wouldn't take more than a handful of games. I was right. Eventually I needed 23 points to make an even 120 and I did it! Woohoo!! Oh, and I was able to give a C5 being a whirl for the first time! :-DHaha yes... That game... I spent the whole game mining a C5 rock with a C3 pickaxe... I didn;t get many points LOL!

After I had 6 hammers, it was time to get to work. I had 600 oak planks waiting and nearly 4,000 oak logs which I noted and brought with me to my house. The butler is one of the most awesome things ever! I got a level from the 600 planks I had (it was right down to the last 8, perfect timing!) and then began to get into a routine of using noted logs on the butler then sending them to the sawmill. I do 16 at a time which is 2 larders worth. If I did 20 then it wouldn't work and the logs would begin to backflow. It's mildly slow but totally awesome! So much nicer than going to the mill and much cheaper for me than using plank make, due to the cost of runes and because I have a grand total of 3 nats in the bank, haha.
This brought my total to 1889. Wow! Yay time to actually put flowers in my lonely formal garden! I can also legitimately add a tentacle pool (already got one) and add an icon of Bob to my altar. I have some pretty epic dungeon plans lined up and I'll definitely have a second altar where peeps can worship Bob as they please. LOL! I logged out for dinner, came back, and this came unexpectedly:
Muahaha!! Time to throw blood all over my walls and make a marble table for my... secret room... *evil laughter*

A Lletya star upon which I got finders successfully distracted me from the comforting monotony of training Con for a few minutes... Only 108k until 85 mining... Soon rune will be mine... After a while longer 73 Con came, bringing my total to 1891.
I started literally going crazy at this point but I pressed on. Finally I ran out of sc hammers with 47k xp to go... I wasn't gonna do that with a normal hammer! A hammer gives about 50k xp so I teleported back to SC for another round. It was epic and I got 24 points. Score! I was quickly back at the little oak larder in my house, which would soon FINALLY be replaced with a teak one.Woohoo!!!!!! Goal complete!!!!!!!! Finally I can put in a teak larder because I can now MAKE OAK DOORS!!!!!!!! I can also (in another level) add the latest installment to my dungeon: the future home of my steel dragon! :-D Time to go deck my halls with... blood... and add a few monsters. Woooot!!

Until next time, this is Pie the Builder :-D

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