Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Diary!!!!!!!

So this morning I didn't feel like going to my morning class so I logged into Runescape. Then I looked on the main page and saw ARDOUGNE ACHIEVEMENT DIARY. I think the resulting "woooooooooooooooooot" could be heard outside LOL!!

I quickly got together an idea of what to do and how and my friend Merxese joined me for the easy tasks and all the harder ones he could do. Being a Quest Sister, I am capable of doing every task but I'm saving the harder ones (*cough* Castlewars *cough*) for later. As nobody was in the clan, I hopped over to Canting where Merch Gwyar was getting her achievements done as well. She came to my world and I just HAD to get a pic!
We're all so kewt!!

After doing more scrambling me and Merch ended up in Yan together so I couldn't help but show her my house. I am proud of it and I can only explain so much epicness in blog. I think she liked it a lot :-DAfter the brief visit I was off to school for several hours. Upon returning I scrambled some more and did the trawler, where all of Runescape was concentrated into a space smaller than a party room. Thankfully, Trawler is much less sea sickness inducing now. Haha!Eventually I got the three Tower of Life hybrids killed and tallied:

The frogeel looked... uh... Special... nevermind......

The last time I went here, to get my red/green satchels, I was much lower combat. I had forgotten that I can now hit in the high 20's and my unicow almost died before I could get a pic. LOL!

The last thing I killed was the Swordchick. It was easy. I've never killed one so I had no idea what they looked like. They look pretty funny! Sadly, no satchels or tea flasks this trip...

Soon the easy tasks were done and I posed with Merx. He let me borrow his Sara Sword in exchange for my whip which is why I look like I acually have money. His Halloween costume is pretty epic if you ask me! Smile and say Guthix!

I realized that I had 5 medium tasks left so off I went. I was dreading getting rubium since that quest was my downfall but I entered the room to find rubium all over the walls and dead villagers still as they were. Phew! Shortly after, I was able to get my Ardy Cloak 2. It's pretty cute and I am really gonna love the monk and farm teles!!
I used both lamps on Attack, since I was 14k till. I then went to steal the blood runes from the chest but not before killing ogres and finally, FINALLY, getting this:

Woot!!! 77 Attack and 116 combat! I feel like one of the big dogs now! This brings my total to 1894 and brings me to the end of this post. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get all the diary done tomorrow and get started on the hidden "elite" diary. We shall see! :-D

Until next time...


  1. Don't think you can do a single elite task.... the requirements are nasty high and when I say nasty 85+

  2. Massecure36021 October, 2009

    I was so excited too when I saw the new diaries! Finished all the tasks... Just waiting on my cat to grow. Didn't want to part with my purple Mr. Whiskers. Oh well...

    I was very surprised when I found out about the elite diaries though! You unlock them after completion of easy medium and hard... 93 summoning! Thats certainly quite a bit! *sigh* Don't think I'll get that one done soon. Oh well! Anyways, nice blog. :)