Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Day of Variety

This morning, after finally getting enough sleep, I was ready for a fun day of scaping. The morning started with me getting ready to plank-make. I have been chopping oaks and have over 4,000 now and after talking to my dad found that he was more than happy to skill assist me or even take logs, turn them into planks, and give them back. I really hoped that skill assist worked for plank make and I was very happy to find that it did!The morning was pretty awesome because I went into Canting and was able to meet and talk to Aximili E I!!! Woot!! There were lots of people in Canting when I was there and I had a good time, and spent ALL my nats on plank make. Looks like I need to natcraft... I used my dad's skill assist until the 60k limit, then I found out I can give him 204 astrals and 102 oak logs for free for him to turn into planks... LOL! It's complicated but awesome. I'm going to play SC pretty soon here and try to get me 75 Con, or something like that...

My internet was being rather yucky and I kept lagging out so I took a few hours break to go shopping with my sister for halloween costumes. I ended up buying glue-on fangs. They look so cool! Then I was back to RS, where I decided that I was going to do a little slayer. With my task of firegiants over, I was presented with greater demons. It's been a while since I've killed them and now that I'm training attack I'm amazed at how quickly I can kill them! They drop like rain! As I was killing them I got the sudden urge to make Enchanted Jade Bolts.

The first step was to determine a number that divided into both 10 and 12. I decided on 600. So, I was off getting 60 Blurite ores. I got my pick (after going not once but TWICE without it... lol) and started mining away. It's much easier to mine blurite when your mining is 84 and your cb is 115... Haha!I thought "I'll be smart and bring a terrorbird to hold some..." Haha... It's untradeable. Ugh. So I killed some of the ice meanies and stored their drops in my bird. I got some free attack XP, which I desperately need.

After that, I was off to mine jade. I don't know about you, but when you are trying to mine something specific, it's what you get the least. Heck, I got a ton of diamonds! I took a chisel and soon had about half the bolttips I needed.
After many pleas to the clan, someone was willing to give me the rest of the bolttips I needed. She has over 25,000 of every kind. She spends a ton of time in that little shilo gem mine. LOL! So I was off smithing, fletching, and enchanting away. Soon I finally had 600 Jade Bolts (e).

In the middle of all this, a star fell so I was in hot pursuit. It ended up being at the Scorpion Mine and there was someone there with flippers to match his prayer cape. Too cute!

I snapped a pic of course, and it was one of those pics where in the background is something so epic it deserves its own pic. I present you with a piece called "Here Come the Scorps!"
Haha it's so awesome!

Anyways after that I was ready to try out my bolts. I went to soulwars with some random stuff- blk dhide, flippers, def hood, range ammy, jade bolts, bss, rune cbow, and a selection of summoning pouches. After waiting forever I was finally in a game and let out a saratrice. It was killed almost immediately as I decided to hang out and try to use the spec at the obelisk. Imagine their surprise when I let out a moss titan!

I got through two games and with 7 minutes to go in the 3rd game I lagged out. Ugh. I didn't care too much though so I traded my 4 seal for some attack xp and then headed to the barbarian course to do a little agility. By then I was so fed up with my internet that I called it a day. It's not RS, it's my internet, because it has been laggy on every website I've been to. Yucky. Hopefully tomorrow will fare much better!

Note to self: The jade bolt spec is awesome! I love doing things that are highly unknown and therefore have a huge "WTF factor." I knocked a few people down upon which they laughed and asked what that was. That's why I love the Forge Regent scrolls. It can disarm people. It was amazing!

So, I leave now but hope to have a lag-free day tomorrow where I can do whatever I feel like in peace and happiness. Haha.

Until next time... :-)

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