Full Of Pie

Here's everything you ever wanted to know about me as a Runescapian!

I started life on Runescape in late May/early June of 2006, upon introduction by my boyfriend. His name was Lack Of Pie and we he never thought I'd get addicted so I decided my name would be complementary to his and was thus born into Lumbridge as the famous Full Of Pie. I was hooked immediately and became a member so fast that I barely remember life before Herblore and Catherby.

I quickly became addicted and have been a member of 3 clans over the years. I've met many amazing people and have accomplished many rewarding things. I've taken two lengthy breaks, both due to computer problems, but enjoy playing to kill time and chat it up. Currently I am in Canting Away and enjoy changing my looks often.

As of February-ish of 2011 I began to change my name. Of course, this was after I vowed not to but as RS changed so did I. The full list of names I've ever been are as follows:

  • Dark Oboe, the coolest oboist on earth, the name a homage to Dr. Sorela
  • Peekyface, the nickname for one of my RS buddies that happened to be available!
  • Isli Loch, the double-master Herbalist of Sorela lore with a sweet disposition
  • Natura Tonk, supposed to be Natura Tonks but Jagex censored the S. What a fail. Anyway, she's the Hogwarts graduate who took up residence in Yanille and carried her wand everywhere!
  • Natura Molly, the first names of Natura Molly-Danielle [Tonks or Fraley]
  • Airi Hieldin, the quirky wife of Dr. Sorela, whose name fit on the 12 and was female. :P
  • Molly Musica, my current name that shows off both my favorite name and my life as a musician
My favorite skill is Agility, my favorite item is Flippers, I follow Guthix, I enjoy helping others, and nothing makes me happier than a good chat in a bank! If RS changed the name limit from 12 to 15, I'd be Avicile Mohaili forever and ever, I love holiday events, and my favorite instrument of all time is the oboe! Oh yeah, and I enjoy runecrafting!